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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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08/07/2015 |

Sitting in the top 16 for the OSC and recently attaining Grandmaster on the Korean server, Silicon Sports is proud to announce Hayden ‘SLCN.Wally’ Bell to the StarCraft 2 roster!

With solid results in ACL Sydney finishing equal 5th … Read More

Silicon Sports Welcomes Law

04/03/2014 |

With great pleasure, Silicon Sports would like to announce its newest member.We have had our eye on this player for quite a few months after some extremely impressive performances against top tier players. Our Zerg experts, Petrify and Kez, both … Read More

Pro Plays by Petrify

08/08/2013 |

Turns out Ravens are a Pretty Good Zerg Unit

Follow SLCN.Petrify Watch SLCN.Petrify

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How to play against swarm host in PvZ

17/06/2013 |

I’ve seen a lot of Protoss players in despair over swarm host play recently, and it has come up in pro play more and more frequently at the moment, a good example would be Stephano’s play in WCS EU. This … Read More

BarCraft Melbourne Review

30/04/2012 |

Thank you, thank you, thank you


To the 350 eSports fans that turned up to The Exchange Hotel in Melbourne on March 3rd for the GSL Season 1 Finals – you WERE BarCraft Melbourne. I … Read More

StarCraft II Patch 1.3.3 Live

12/05/2011 |

Patch 1.3.3 has been released on the SEA network with some notable omissions from the patch seen on the NA PTR server. The gateway unit build times remain the same except for the sentry, but the warp gate research time … Read More

StarCraft 2 Patch 1.3.0 is Live

22/03/2011 |

The latest (controversial) patch for StarCraft 2, 1.3.0,  from Blizzard has been launched.

I say controversial as there are a couple of interesting balance changes in this update. Firstly, the Terrans have seen an increase in production time for Stim … Read More

StarCraft Patch 1.1.2 Live

15/10/2010 |

Pity I am not going to get a chance to play with the new patch this weekend… Here is the update from Blizzard.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.1.2 is now live! This patch features adjustments to protoss, terran, … Read More

More balance changes to come

11/10/2010 |

Dustin Browder, one of the StarCraft II developers, has highlighted some balance changes which look to completely change some of the early game tactics for Terrans as well as making the Zerg a little more competitive as well as some … Read More

Insane Blitz Guide

08/10/2010 |

This is a guide on achieving the Insane Blitz Achievement in StarCraft II. This shows the achievement being awarded along with the Very Hard Blitz achievement.

Races: Zerg v Zerg [Insane AI] Map: Steppes of War Time: … Read More