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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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Team Fortress 2

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #27

01/05/2011 |

Nothing new this week unfortunately. But that could be good news for you if you are after a Trophy Belt or a Respectless Rubber Glove. If you are looking for any hat on the first page of my backpack, then … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #26

24/04/2011 |

Happy Easter everyone!

As it is Easter, and I had the metal, I crafted three random hats today. A couple of duplicates which are now in the trade pile but I got a nice suprise on the third random craft … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #25

17/04/2011 |

Because a gentleman is not one without one

Episode 25 in the Random Hat Crafting Sunday series, and I have crafted another duplicate hat. I was hoping to get oneof the newer Engineer hats! Oh well, the good thing for … Read More

TF2 Hatless Update

15/04/2011 |

Introducing Zero New Hats

Get the full update here

They said it couldn’t be done. Some people (Robin Walker) were emphatic that it should not be done. In fact, some people (Robin again) even threatened us not to … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #24

10/04/2011 |

The 24th installment of my Random Hat Crafting Sunday project yields another duplicate hat which goes straight to the trade pile.

Let me know on SPUF or Steam if you are interested in trading – I have … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #23

28/03/2011 |

Another hat for the trade pile – The Noble Amassment of Hats – for those distinguished gentlemen who believe their hat deserves a hat!

Bit of a glitch of a glitch in the crafting system there as … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #22

14/03/2011 |

Special Edition RHCS because it is Monday! Slight delay because I was away camping for the long weekend.

Here we have the Tyrant’s Helm for the Soldier, which is a classic but not as good as the vintage one I … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #21

06/03/2011 |

Sunday 6th March and it’s time to craft another random hat. The results of today’s experiment garnered a classic hat in the form of the Demoman’s Fro. This brings my total hat tally to 75 including a duplicate Backbiter’s Billycock … Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #20

27/02/2011 |

Its Sunday once again and more refined metal goes into the melting pot to produce none other than the Grenadier’s Softcap. It just happens to be a duplicate hat and so is availbale for trading!

Read More

Random Hat Crafting Sunday #19

20/02/2011 |

Here is the fifteenth installment of my random hat crafting experiments. With drops and promotional items I now have 54 hats with a couple of duplicates.

So if you have any hats that you are willing to … Read More