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Silicon Sports | 25/05/2019

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BarCraft Melbourne 26 Tomorrow!

09/10/2015 |

Hope to see you at The Fringe from 6:30 pm onwards as we watch Jin Air Green Wings take on SK Telecom T1 in the Starcraft2 ProLeague final!

BarCraft Melbourne XXVI :: Pro League Final

When :: October 10th, … Read More

I’m Back

01/07/2011 |

Hell its been a while! Too much RL work going on and organising a big trip overseas in a couple of months has been keeping me from my passion – GAMES!

Needless to say, laddering in StarCraft 2 has been … Read More

Livestream v YouTube

23/11/2010 |

After yesterday’s casting of the SEA Tournament #1 final, a number on viewers queried the delay on Livestream and the fact that the finalists could have been listening in or even watching what was going on to help them get … Read More

StarCraft on Windows 7

13/10/2010 |

With StarCraft II taking the spotlight in the RTS realm, it is always nice to go back to the original, reminisce and remind yourself why you are doing all those campaigns in SC2.

Seeing as StarCraft/Brood War is about twelve … Read More