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Silicon Sports | 18/08/2019

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StarCraft II

More balance changes to come

11/10/2010 |

Dustin Browder, one of the StarCraft II developers, has highlighted some balance changes which look to completely change some of the early game tactics for Terrans as well as making the Zerg a little more competitive as well as some … Read More

Insane Blitz Guide

08/10/2010 |

This is a guide on achieving the Insane Blitz Achievement in StarCraft II. This shows the achievement being awarded along with the Very Hard Blitz achievement.

Races: Zerg v Zerg [Insane AI] Map: Steppes of War Time: … Read More

Medium Blitz Walkthrough

19/09/2010 |

This is an overview of how to get the ‘Custom Game’ achievement ‘Medium Blitz’, where you have to win a 1v1 Custom Game against a Medium A.I. opponent in under 5 minutes. .

Again, set the game timer to normal … Read More

Blizzard to Wield Ban Hammer

15/09/2010 |

Blizzard are taking action against cheats in StarCraft II which is fantastic news. I don’t understand why people see the need to cheat as you are really depriving yourself of the experience. And in most cases you get found out … Read More

Atomic StarCraft II Invitational

14/09/2010 |

Fancy yourself handy with a build order? Got a hankering to take your cannon-creep against a live opponent? Atomic’s got the SCII action you need.

Atomic Magazine has just announced that The inaugural Atomic Starcraft 2 invitational is on!

The … Read More

One Shot, Fifty Kills! Achievement

13/09/2010 |

Jim Raynor takes out 50+ infested terrans with a single Penetrator round in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ mission on Char.

Use Raynor to get the hoard to follow him and place Jim as shown to take the shot. Make … Read More

Training Day Achievement

12/09/2010 |

This is an overview of how to get the Combat-Economy achievement Training Day, where you have to produce ten marines in 320 seconds.

First time I have put voice to something, so let me know what you think!

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