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Silicon Sports | 14/11/2019

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StarCraft II

Code S Group C Results

05/01/2011 |

I unfortunately missed the first match of Group C, but I hear it is a highly recommended game for PvZ, so will have to watch the VOD when it is up tomorrow. Regardless, HongUnPrime.WE defeated oGsTheWind on Xel’Naga Caverns to … Read More

Code S Group B Results

05/01/2011 |

The second day saw a mostly Zerg favoured group with some heavy hitters in the mix. TSL_FruitDealer (GSL Season 1 Champ) went down to some outstanding play by IMMvp (the only Terran in the group) on Lost Temple. While oGs … Read More

Code S Group A Results

04/01/2011 |

GSL Code S Round of 32 Group A

Match 1: IMNestea [Z] def PoltPrime.WE [T] on Blistering Sands Match 2: TheBestfOu [T] def MakaPrime.WE [T] on Metalopolis Match 3: IMNestea [Z] def MakaPrime.WE [T] on Blistering Sands Match 4: PoltPrime.WE … Read More

GSL Season Four Tournament Info

04/01/2011 |

The opening night of the Global StarCraft II League Season 4 was a bit of a spectacle in the eSports scene with a pretty cool introduction for the 32 Code S players. eSports is certainly hotting up and StarCraft II … Read More

GSL Code S has Begun!

03/01/2011 |

Happy new year everyone!

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and brought in the new year in style. Not only is it 2011 (twentyeleven?), it also means that the 2011 GSL tour has begun!

The GSL Code S League (or … Read More

SEA Tournament 2 Starting Soon

05/12/2010 |

In just under an hour, the second SEA Tournament for Bronze, Silver and Gold StarCraft II players will kick off at 16:00 (AEDT). We have a full roster of 32 players with quite a back up list as well. Head … Read More

SEA Tournament #1

21/11/2010 |

Just participated in the first SEA Tournament for Bronze, Silver and Gold players which was organised by delete over on I won my preliminary match 2-1 against a gold player. I lost the first match TvT but then proceeded … Read More

StarCraft 2 Free Weekend!

19/11/2010 |

The kind folks at Blizzard have gifted the few who have not had the pleasure of playing StarCraft 2 a full FREE weekend of play starting TODAY!

Do I have to create an account on Yes

Will you have … Read More

Training Day Achievement

20/10/2010 |

I was asked on YoutTue to re-do this achievement on the 1.1.2 patch and here it is. This has been redone as the Terran Barracks now requires a Supply Depot before it can be built. You can most likely do … Read More

StarCraft Patch 1.1.2 Live

15/10/2010 |

Pity I am not going to get a chance to play with the new patch this weekend… Here is the update from Blizzard.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.1.2 is now live! This patch features adjustments to protoss, terran, … Read More