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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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GSL Code S Group H Results

14/01/2011 |

Firstly, apologies for the delay. Secondly, I hope you enoy the read!

The excitement builds! Can’t wait for Jinro and IdrA! Having said that the opening ‘curtain raiser’ Code A games were not very enjoyable to say the least. Certainly … Read More

Code S Group G Results

11/01/2011 |

I did not get to see this match live as I was finishing off some encoding but judging from what the TL forums were say MarineKingPrime.WE was true to his name buidling mass marines and medivacs but TSL_Clide mixed it … Read More

Code S Group F Results

07/01/2011 |

We have some big names in Group F. NaDa, InCa, MC anyone?! I think sanZenith is way out of his depth here. Will be interesting to see how far MC’s ego gets him. I have never seen anyone so super … Read More

Code S Group E Results

06/01/2011 |

Group E matches today had a more even race representation with one Zerg, One Terran and two Protoss players, where previous groups were either Zerg or Terran heavy. So we should be able to see some good matches.

Ou first … Read More

Code S Group D Results

06/01/2011 |

choyafOu and TSL_Rain faced off in the opening match on Scrap Station in a PvT match that was quite entertaining to watch. choya negated early drops from Rain, but Rain did utilise his marine/marauder/viking army quite well to counter choya’s … Read More

Code S Group C Results

05/01/2011 |

I unfortunately missed the first match of Group C, but I hear it is a highly recommended game for PvZ, so will have to watch the VOD when it is up tomorrow. Regardless, HongUnPrime.WE defeated oGsTheWind on Xel’Naga Caverns to … Read More

Code S Group B Results

05/01/2011 |

The second day saw a mostly Zerg favoured group with some heavy hitters in the mix. TSL_FruitDealer (GSL Season 1 Champ) went down to some outstanding play by IMMvp (the only Terran in the group) on Lost Temple. While oGs … Read More