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Silicon Sports | 24/05/2019

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Techies are here plus heaps more

08/09/2014 |

It has been a while since I actually looked at anything Dota 2 related. The last glimpse would have been just after the final of the The International back in July. My attention has mostly been focussed on the Heroes … Read More

Patch 2.1.0 Unleashed on Sanctuary

27/08/2014 |

The first major content patch for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls has just gone live on the Americas server.

With Patch 2.1.0┬ácomes plenty of competitive features for normal and hardcore characters with the introduction of Seasons (which begin this weekend). … Read More

2.1.0 Patch Now Available on PTR

26/06/2014 |

Want to test out the exciting new features such as Seasons, Leaderboards, Greater Rifts & Cesspools being added to Diablo 3 in the upcoming 2.1.0 patch? Simply create PTR account and get your hack and slash on!

Patch … Read More

Team Matchmaking & 1v1 Has Arrived

19/06/2014 |

The latest patch or Dota 2 sees two of the TI4 Compendium stretch goals added to the client in the form of the Favourite Hero Challenge and 1v1 mode along with Team Matchmaking updated and added to ranked play.

Dota … Read More

Patch 2.0.6 Now Live

11/06/2014 |

This patch introduces yet more increased drop rates, this time for class specific legendary sets. Yay, more green drops! There are a few welcome buffs for Monks and a huge change in crafting legendary items.

Can’t wait to give this … Read More

Heroes Technical Alpha Patch May 22

23/05/2014 |

Blizzard are bringing in another massive patch, this time for Heroes of the Storm! Notable changes to the Technical Alpha are Inactive Player rules, Quick Cast, several game mode changes and of course Murky a new hero to the roster!

Read More

New Heroes Join the Storm

19/03/2014 |

Maintenance last night saw a new batch of Heroes subbed in as part of the weekly rotation of freely playable characters. As part of this a new wave of invites have been sent out, so check your account to … Read More

Patch Day for StarCraft & Diablo

05/03/2014 |

Maintenance last night blocked off all servers while a new patch was pushed out to the servers – at least Pro League was on to sate the SC2 craving. There was also Patch 2.0.2 pushed out for Diablo 3 as … Read More

D3 Class Changes

27/02/2014 |

We had a bit of fun last night with the new patch, running around Sanctuary on the first Torment difficulty level. Many a legendary were acquired, not as many deaths as expected either. But the characters skills and abilities have … Read More

Balance Patch On Its Way

26/02/2014 |

David Kim has announced that a Balance Patch is required and will be released on Friday 28th (US time). The much discussed Tempest and Blink changes will not make it into this patch but changes to the Widow Mine, Hydralisk … Read More