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Silicon Sports | 25/05/2019

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Blackrock Mountain’s First Wing

06/04/2015 |

Let have a look at the first wing of Blackrock Mountain and what we can expect to see when we take on the Heroic Challenges a little later.

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Attention Androids, Hearthstone is now LIVE!

16/12/2014 |

Hearthstone has finally arrived for Android! And even better we get to play it first! Also check out the Hearthstone AMA on reddit with Development team members Ben Brode, Yong Woo, Christina Sims for a great insight on what is … Read More

Goblins v Gnomes is Live!

09/12/2014 |

The Goblins v Gnomes expansion pack is finally here with over 120 new cards to use in Hearthstone!

It is live on the Americas & South East Asia server and will be live on all other servers tomorrow.

As a bonus, Blizzard are … Read More

Hearthstone Patch Notes –

09/12/2014 |

Goblins vs Gnomes, the first expansion to the insanely fun Hearthstone has arrived! Explore inventive, constantly-evolving strategies with 120 explosive new cards. Control powerful Mechs with special weapons and volatile abilities, tinker with minions using spare parts, and even watch … Read More

BlizzCon is over, but the Hype is just beginning

11/11/2014 |

BlizzCon 2014 has ended and while I’m sure many have hangovers from the post parties many others are having post BlizzCon depression set in. Fans have been eagerly awaiting BlizzCon for months, many since the second the doors closed on … Read More

Final Wing of Naxxramas is Here

21/08/2014 |

Once again the stakes have been raised and the bosses in the final wing of Curse of Naxxramas look to be quite challenging and that is not even looking at heroic bosses!

If you haven’t started your journey in Hearthstone’s … Read More

A bitter sweet farewell to Hearthstones first expansion

20/08/2014 |

Today is a bitter sweet day for the Hearthstone community. Today the Frostwing Lair is unlocked and with it comes the end of the first Hearthstone expansion and while I’m sure players will still be defeating Heroic bosses for sometime … Read More

Construct Quarter Now Open

13/08/2014 |

The Heroics are getting harder and harder…

You’ve triumphed against the highly-trained terrors of the Military Quarter. Now it’s time to pull yourself together and prepare to meddle with forces humankind was not meant to know in Curse … Read More

Taking Down Heroic Loatheb with a Budget Priest Deck

07/08/2014 |

Taking down Heroic Loatheb with a budget Priest deck in Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas’ Plague Quarter.

Here is the deck used:

Heroic Loatheb Budget Priest Deck

2 x Holy Smite (1 mana) 2 x Argent Squire (1) 2 x Elven … Read More