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Silicon Sports | 19/08/2019

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StarCraft 2

With aims to help local home grown talent achieve their goals in eSports, Silicon Sports’ first professional gaming team was launched in April 2013 for StarCraft 2; Team Silicon Sports, aka

2015 has seen a transition from the original founding members to the new blood of the Australian scene competing at the highest levels in the OSC and WCS Premier League.

StarCraft 2 Roster


Lawrence Ho
Zerg, Sydney



A group of friends that I had met through WoW introduced me to SC2 and sent me a beta key to try it out. Naturally, I was the worst in my group of friends who played, as they had played Brood War before. They showed me the Brood War eSports scene and how the SC2 eSports scene was going to be huge and since then I have always wanted to be a part of it.


Ryan Jones
Zerg, Brisbane



After my brief break at the end of last year, I was inspired to come back after seeing the WCS changes in 2015. This year I’m really hoping to break through into the top 3 of a national LAN and really make a mark as a player to be remembered and respected within the scene.


Daniel Haynes
Terran, Melbourne



I have been playing a ridiculous amount of the Legacy of the Void beta and will focus most of my energies into learning LotV and developing a better understanding of that game. I will also return to Heart of the Swarm and play as events arise.


Hayden Bell
Canberra, Zerg



Looking forward to competing in WCS next year and LAN events throughout the year. My goal for this year is just to practice and become in better shape so that hopefully I can make WCS Challenger in 2016.

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