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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Oceanic Cup

2013 saw an action packed Oceanic Cup over 3 months of competition. Hans Reborn were indomitable taking out all three cups but were being pushed in the end by the likes of Noxious, Can’t Say Wips and Team Storm.

Weeks 1-3 – Qualifiers

Best of 1 single elimination bracket going into a Best of 3 grand final.

First Place: $50 and direct placement into Week 4.
* First place winner cannot play in any further weeks until the Week 4 final.

Second Place (Grand Final Loser): 4 points
Third/Fourth Place (Semi-Final Loser): 2 points
Fifth-Eighth Place (Quarter-Final Loser): 1 point

Week 4 – Grand Final

First Place winners of Weeks 1-3, plus the top 5 point holders from that time.
* In the case of ties for points, priority is given to those who entered the most weeks in that cup, if still tied then seedings are taken into account, if still tied then a coin flip will determine which team advances.

Best of 3 single elimination bracket

First Place: $200


  • This tournament is open to all residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Please respect referees, their decisions are final. Referees may in cases make changes to these rules as necessary.
  • Team displayed on top of the bracket will host the match. Please set a password and share this with the opposition, a referee and any relevant broadcasters.
  • It is all captain’s responsibility to join the “Silicon Sports” chat channel in game to be contactable with other captains and admins.
  • Matches must start no later than 15 minutes past allotted time. Please inform an admin if your opponent can not be contacted.
  • Both captains need to report the score of their matches to a referee
  • Players must use recognisable and consistent nicknames
  • Stand-ins are allowed if necessary
  • Pauses for technical difficulties may last up to 5 minutes, with 3 pauses allowed per game.
  • Inappropriate behaviour will result in disqualification
  • If there is any concern with behaviour or confusion with rules, please see a referee as soon as possible for clarification
  • Prize money will be distributed to the captain of the winning team. It is their responsibility to pass on winnings amongst the team. Captains should contact EnterHavoc about prize money within 1 week of the tournament.

Game Host Settings

  • Server: Australia
  • GameMode: Captain’s Mode
  • Version: Tournament
  • Cheats: No
  • Spectators: Yes
  • Chat Channel: Silicon Sports
  • Stream:

Please allow all authorised casters in the lobby. Apart from authorised casters, no other people should be in the lobby unless both teams agree. If unsure whether someone is authorised, please contact a referee.

Official Casters

Tonders –
theeviltwig –

Referees List

EnterHavoc –
Ziras –

Silicon Sports Oceanic Cup Past Results

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SLCN Oceanic Cup #3 Results

Week 1 – Sunday 20th October 2pm – Results
Week 2 – Sunday 27th October 2pm – Results
Week 3 – Sunday 3rd November 2pm – Results
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