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Silicon Sports | 16/08/2018

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Diablo 3

BlizzCon is over, but the Hype is just beginning

11/11/2014 |

BlizzCon 2014 has ended and while I’m sure many have hangovers from the post parties many others are having post BlizzCon depression set in. Fans have been eagerly awaiting BlizzCon for months, many since the second the doors closed on … Read More

BlizzCon In Game Goodies Revealed

24/09/2014 |

BlizzCon is not too far away and Blizzard have just let us have glimpse of what to expect for in game goodies for all attendees and Virtual Ticket holders.

Grommloc looks pretty cool as a Murky/Warlords of Draenor mashup. The … Read More

A look back at the first two weeks of Diablo III seasons and patch 2.1

13/09/2014 |

The first Diablo III season started two weeks ago with patch 2.1 coming out just days beforehand, a lot has happened during the season already with a lot more to come.

Personally I have been playing two seasonal heroes, both … Read More

Patch 2.1.0 Unleashed on Sanctuary

27/08/2014 |