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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Counter Strike

Are modern video games getting stale too quickly?

24/11/2015 |

With the last few AAA releases occurring these last few months, I am finding myself extremely underwhelmed by the new titles being published. Perhaps I’m the minority, but let me walk you through my thoughts on why I believe we … Read More

ESL One Cologne – CS GO Australian Time Schedule

20/08/2015 |

In an effort to let our Australian CS GO eSports fans know when they can watch all the action in Cologne an individual by the name of /u/Jarvo_ posted the converted time schedule into AEST which can be found here … Read More

Drug Use in eSports

27/07/2015 |


As I’m sure most, if not all of you are aware, just over two weeks ago an interview was held with professional Counter-Strike player Kory “Semphis” Friesen conducted by known community member Mohan “Launders” Govindasamy. During the interview Launders … Read More

SLCN Counter Strike GO Team Update

17/12/2014 | CS:GO is pleased to welcome Mitch ‘emarosa’ Littlejohn. He will be part of the core five man team, joining ‘Carbunkle’, ‘z0nia’, ‘HadeS’, ‘shN’ and ‘burkus’. He brings a wealth of experience from playing in several strong teams in the … Read More

Operation Breakout is Live!

03/07/2014 |

Operation Breakout is Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update bringing in not one, but six highly rated community-created maps as well as mission drops.

The six new maps, Black Gold, Castle, Insertion, Mist, Overgrown and Rush, are accessible by everyone … Read More