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Silicon Sports | 24/04/2019

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Posts By Petrify striving to be ANZ Champions

31/07/2015 |

Tomorrow brings the finals of the Australia and New Zealand Heroes of the Storm Championship. Eight teams will be competing for a share of the USD$25,000 prize pool, bragging rights and a paid for trip to compete in the America … Read More

Announcing Silicon Sports Heroes of the Storm Team!

10/06/2015 |

With the recent launch of Heroes of the Storm and the recent announcement of the $1.2 million Heroes of the Storm World Championship (with US$25,000 for ANZ!), Silicon Sports has found what we believe to be a team that is … Read More

Calling all Heroes of Oceania

24/11/2014 |

Team Oceania is currently looking for a dedicated squad of 10-15 in Heroes of the Storm!

The team will operate with an “A” and “B” team and provide for enough members to run regular internal scrims, whilst putting pressure on … Read More

ACL Pro Brisbane Predictions

22/05/2014 |

As we all know ACL Brisbane is coming up very soon! With the groups being announced I thought I’d do a little analysis on them and my predictions for the group stage. Given that it is rather unknown who will … Read More

My struggle with Online Crack, A Hearthstone Review

24/09/2013 |

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s next game to be released, was recently released into closed beta and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a key, so I thought I would do a review for you all. Before Hearthstone was released … Read More

Petrify’s ACL Melbourne Blog!

13/08/2013 |

Okay so firstly this blog is totally 100% a ripoff of Fenner’s because I found it a really really cool read! Secondly, I’ve just had a 12 hour day at uni so please go easy if this is a total … Read More

Reflection, Goals and Practice

21/06/2013 |

Around January I posted a blog (on after I returned from a long holiday which basically stated that my goal for the year was to win a tournament. Since then, a lot has changed, and while I haven’t reached … Read More