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Silicon Sports | 24/10/2021

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Heroes of the Storm, Patch Highlights 09/09/15

09/09/2015 |

Keeping with Blizzard’s plan to release a new hero every four to six weeks Blizzard has today released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm and ended the Eternal Conflict Diablo III event.

While todays patch is smaller than … Read More

Heroes of the Storm, Patch Highlights 19/08/15

19/08/2015 |

Greetings all!

I’ve been a bit slack since release and haven’t done the patch highlights (I blame playing too much) but with Blizzard confirming they plan on releasing a new hero every four to six weeks I’m getting back to … Read More

Heroes of the Storm ANZ Launch Event Recap

05/06/2015 |

This week Blizzard’s new game Heroes of the Storm was finally released onto the world. Along with the release came the Australia & New Zealand launch event held by Blizzard in Sydney, Australia. Blizzard had hired out a cinema and invited … Read More

Heroes of the Storm Kael’thas Patch Highlights

13/05/2015 |

Sela’ma ashal’anore!

Wish Heroes of the Storm quickly approaching it’s June 3rd release date Blizzard has released another patch for the beta and released a new Hero into the Nexus. Along with the hero comes a slew of polish for … Read More

Heroes of the Storm Sylvanas Patch Highlights

25/03/2015 |

“The Wrath of the Lich King was nothing, wait until they see The Wrath of the Banshee Queen!” – Sylvanas

It’s that time again, Heroes of the Storm today received a new Hero and a new patch along with her. Along … Read More

Heroes of the Storm Lost Vikings patch highlights

11/02/2015 |

Today Blizzard have revived some of their oldest characters in the Nexus, after  17 years the Lost Vikings are back and better than ever, but along with them comes a multitude of fixes, changes and polish to the Heroes of the Storm … Read More

Closed beta arrives for Heroes of the Storm

14/01/2015 |

With the smash of DoomHammer the long awaited closed beta for Heroes of the Storm officially began today, with it came a content patch and a lot of bug fixes/character changes.

Below I’ve highlighted some of the major changes and … Read More

Heroes of the Storm Stimpacks + Maintenance times

11/12/2014 |

As Blizzard prepare for Heroes of the Storm to enter closed beta on January 13th they continue to add new features to the game.

In todays patch Heroes of the Storm received a new real money purchasable item called Stimpacks.

Read More

BlizzCon is over, but the Hype is just beginning

11/11/2014 |

BlizzCon 2014 has ended and while I’m sure many have hangovers from the post parties many others are having post BlizzCon depression set in. Fans have been eagerly awaiting BlizzCon for months, many since the second the doors closed on … Read More

The Nexus Returns, Heroes of the Storm online.

08/10/2014 |

The calm before the storm has ended and today Blizzard have bought Heroes of the Storm back online after a more than a week offline. With it comes a new patch and many changes along with new Heroes, Skins and … Read More