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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Petrify Signs with Complexity


Former Silicon Sports pro, Mark ‘Petrify’ Fittipaldi, has been hard at work ranking up in the Witcher’s card game, Gwent. His hard work has paid off, holding the #1 global ranking for two weeks, gaining a loyal following on twitch and ultimately putting pen to paper with Complexity Gaming.

Mark also recently had an in depth interview with Gwent DB discussing his background, signing with Complexity, the current game meta and what the future holds.

I think the strategic mindset from Starcraft applies pretty heavily to Gwent. A lot of starcraft is about reading your opponent, and making judgements even before the game, for example in what build they’re going to run in a certain map and how they’re going to adjust to your strategy, and I think Gwent also has a very heavy empathetic approach to the game. For example, you’re constantly thinking “Alright, if I’m in my opponent’s position what’s the best card to play right now, why did I play so and so, etc” . Obviously the mechanics of Starcraft don’t apply to Gwent at all[laughs], I have that sick Mulligan APM![sarcasm]. I think the tournament mindset is also something to get used, I played in many tournament in Starcraft and I don’t really get nerves anymore.

You can read the entire interview here on Gwent DB.

Its great to see the Silicon Sports family move on and up in the esports scene and we wish him the very best of of luck with Complexity!