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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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Thank you

Lalor 'rezyn8' McMahon

eSports and gaming in general has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

From the time my brother and I received our first Nintendo Entertainment System, to competing in Quake 3 leagues and acting as admin for said leagues, to running an ISP gaming network and ultimately founding Silicon Sports to bring the community closer through events such as BarCraft, MOBAr, tournaments and of course supporting a team of professional players competing at the highest levels under the banner.

Highlights are definitely the amazing journey Silicon Sports has taken over the past four years with its first BarCraft in March 2012 to the amazing successes of the Worlds Viewing Party last year and this years International Viewing Parties in Melbourne & Sydney. Add to that the growing reputation of as a formidable team in the Australian scene whilst holding their own against the worlds best.

This success would not have been achievable without your support and encouragement (including those within and outside of the organisation). For that, I thank you.

The burning desire to see gaming grow into what we all know it can be locally and internationally has always been with me. As such, from next week, I will be leading market development in Australia and New Zealand for Razer. This will see me working in the retail sector and at all levels within the respective gaming communities. Razer, as I am sure you are aware, is committed to bringing gamers the best possible experience with their range of peripherals and equipment, and I look forward to continuing and enhancing that experience for all gamers.

To this end, I will be leaving my post at Silicon Sports to pursue this role in the gaming industry full time. I leave Silicon Sports in the very good hands of Glenn Jones (Synthetic) & Mark Fittipaldi (Petrify). I know they will continue to bring outstanding events to you and continue to support the growing talent this country has to offer. With that I hope you continue to support Silicon Sports in its endeavours at events and in the tournaments the teams compete in.

Once again, thank you, and I hope to see you soon!

Lalor McMahon (rezyn8)