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Silicon Sports | 24/04/2019

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TI5 – Melbourne Event Recap

TI5 Melbourne Recap


Wow, just wow, firstly what an amazing finals series from Evil Geniuses and CDEC.

I just want firstly thank everyone who attended our Dota 2 – The International 2015 screening, it wouldn’t be possible without the community here in Melbourne (& Sydney) showing up, even when it’s an early morning start.

I also want to thank Village Cinemas Crown & Event Cinemas George St. for being extremely accommodating to our needs to better serve us and the vast amount of Dota 2 fans that attended Sunday morning. Also, many thanks to the sponsors of this event supplying us with awesome prizes that were given away over the course of the event.

The preparation

Unlike the many of you whom attended for the 2:30am start, Synthetic and myself were up and about just before 1:00AM getting all the gear required for the event prepared and ready to go. Synthetic managed to get roughly an hours worth of sleep after hosting the League of Legends OPL finals at Hoyts Cinemas Highpoint. We set off to Crown in our Uber ride, discussing entry routes as I’m sure we all know how hectic the Casino can get in the early hours of the morning, and carrying around a few grand of exposed sponsor give aways can always be a bit risky.

Preparations in full swing before the doors open

Preparations in full swing before the doors open

The team at Village were in full swing getting the Candy Bars setup within the cinemas for ease of access for all of our attendees while we worked with Paolo and Joel from the Village audio-visual team to start working on fine tuning the cinema for the best experience possible.

The doors are about to open

2015-08-09 02.04.38

Get hype! The Silicon Sports TI5 banner adorns the Village Cinemas lobby screen.

Hurtling towards the 2:30am start time, we got into a slight flurry of last minute preparations, it was amazing to see quite a lot of you waiting just after 2:00am, to get in the door, even with some overly enthusiastic individuals trying to get in well beforehand!

With a slight delay, we started to allow everyone in just after 2:40am, you were all very eager to get seated and comfortable upon entry, with the stream still twenty minutes away from go live.

Main queue

Main queue

With the majority of attendees now seated and hype building for the event to start Synthetic and Petrify began the opening announcements with a big thanks and a few house rules, before some early give aways were handed out including an Audio-Technica goody bag, some Kingston selfie sticks and the infamous Kingston head Cups/Containers being thrown around in both cinemas.

It begins

We began the stream at about 3:15am with the coverage consisting of some highlights from the previous days matches of the tournament and some conversations surrounding those days held by the panellists. We did experience a few teething issues with the stability of the stream, I believe “Blame Abbott” was yelled out on several occasions when this occurred. With some backup feeds utilised and a stream provider change stability returned and we were ready to go for the Loser Bracket playoff between Evil Geniuses and LDG.

The first game began around 3:40-3:50am and was a very cautious match, drawing out till nearly 60 minutes long.

Game 1

First Blood came with Sumail (playing Lina) baiting LGD and getting a helping hand from Aui_2000 in mid land, which then set the pace for the remainder of the match. LGD played fairly aggressive the first 20mins, but there after EG began clawing their way back. Notable plays from ppd saving Sumial so many times this match, honestly though Phatom Lancer was a godsend for EG late game and helped them win the match. I don’t think I was the only one who was exhausted already! After a 10 minute break we were back and onto the second game.

Game 2

Sumail managed to pick up Leshrac for game two along with EG grabbing Visage and Clinkz. Early on LGD looked to have the upper hand, but come the 43min mark ppd baited MMY to get a pick with LGD almost committing to save him, as they backed off, EG tasted blood and went full tilt in mid lane and pursued LGD, Sumail having balls of steel continuing to pursue and continuing to pressure LGD. EG continued the pressure with Sumail once again being the MVP of this match with his Lina play, finally forcing LGD into defeat and going on to fight CDEC in the finals.

Evil Geniuses had done it! They had beaten LGD 2-0 in the lower bracket to secure their place in the finals against CDEC whom they had lost in the previous match up 0-2. By the time the match had finished, roughly just before 5:00am with the Lower Bracket taking it’s toll on some of our attendees, it appeared to be a bit much for some with people leaving to head home and get some rest, while others chose to take a nap during the extended break (90 minutes, seriously Valve?) to allow Evil Geniuses to recover before they were to go on and play CDEC.

More giveaways

During the extended break the Silicon Sports team took the opportunity to keep the hype alive with even more loot being distributed to our attendees with some trivia questions and just some lucky seats. Little did we know (at least initially) that we were in for an extended break period of well over 90 mins. I guess that is one of the draw backs of holding a semi-final before the final on the same day. EG definitely deserved the break, I think a lot of us did too, with my eyes cast over the cinema noticing quite a few of you catching up on some missed sleep or getting in a short name to continue on with the event.

Finally! It begins

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Evil Geniuses – TI5 Champions!


The boys in blue held it together after a game three loss, to win the 4th and take home the Aegis, what an amazing last game and a way to finish The International. We finished the event with the remainder of our giveaways, with quite a large contingent of you being ushered downstairs to answer the trivia for the SteelSeries NAVI headset, with our third in line answering correctly and scoring the goods!

Post Event and appreciation

A massive thanks to all our attendees, everyone was (well one or two bad eggs) well behaved, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the event. Some of you were notified about a survey we created, we would love for more of you to answer it, it’s only a short 10 questions. You can find the survey link here. We are already noting the feedback we have been receiving and will do our best to apply it to future Silicon Sport events.

TI5 Event Sponsors

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