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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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SMITE launch date has been revealed for Xbox

SMITE launch date has been revealed for Xbox

The Gods of SMITE have taken the Xbox One by storm, and now, as the Open Beta draws to a close, they are preparing for the game’s official launch on August 20th, 2015.

To celebrate, we have five ‘Founders Packs’ to give away – enter for a chance to win one at the end of this article.

What’s New since Beta:

  • Brand new Arena and Conquest Map, Assault Game Mode
  • New God characters including Medusa, Ah Puch, Ratatoskr, Ravana added inclusive of all PC balance changes
  • Brand new control scheme and user interface built ground up for console
  • Australian servers!

Features coming to SMITE on Xbox One shortly after launch

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Spectator Support
  • Season Ticket Support
  • Updated VGS UI and Additional VGS Commands
  • Teleport Item Support
  • Updated Friends UI

As a courtesy to new players, the Founder’s Pack and Account Merging will remain open until August 31st, 2015, at which point they will disappear from the mortal world forever. So if you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to merge your PC and Xbox One accounts, and to pick up the SMITE Xbox One Founder’s Pack, which includes all present and future gods, as well as 400 gems and two unique skins.

For more information on the account merging process and frequently asked questions, visit the SMITE Xbox portal. Otherwise, see you soon… in the Battleground of the Gods.

Smite Xbox Founders Pack Giveaway