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Silicon Sports | 29/11/2022

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Sitting in the top 16 for the OSC and recently attaining Grandmaster on the Korean server, Silicon Sports is proud to announce Hayden ‘SLCN.Wally’ Bell to the StarCraft 2 roster!

With solid results in ACL Sydney finishing equal 5th and top 10 in the WCS Oceania Qualifiers last week, Wally is a Zerg that is definitely on the rise.

SLCN.Wally“I’m really excited to be a part of the Silicon Sports family. Reuniting with my dearest friend Lawrence and finally being on a team with Premier Jones, I hope that I can take my skill to the next level. I don’t really think there is anything stopping me from becoming one of the best in SEA and hopefully that dream can become a reality.

Looking forward to competing in WCS next year and LAN events throughout the year. My goal for this year is just to practice and become in better shape so that hopefully I can make WCS Challenger in 2016.

I’m looking forward to representing SLCN and I hope that I can bring them some good results.

Thanks for all the support from my fans, I will try to show good game. GG .감사합니다”

Hayden ‘SLCN.Wally’ Bell

As part of our commitment to supporting local talent, we are pretty stoked to have Wally on the team. We know he and the rest of the team already work well together and they will push each other to the limits of their potential.

“My opinion was that Wally is one of the most raw talented players in the SEA scene.”


So please join us as we welcome Wally to the Silicon Sports family and give him a follow @SLCN_Wally.