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Silicon Sports | 24/10/2021

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Announcing Silicon Sports Heroes of the Storm Team! Heroes of the Storm

With the recent launch of Heroes of the Storm and the recent announcement of the $1.2 million Heroes of the Storm World Championship (with US$25,000 for ANZ!), Silicon Sports has found what we believe to be a team that is cohesive and talented enough to become not only the ANZ winners but also the World Champions.

Operating through the previous team name KAMA, they have been competing not only with and regularly beating the best of the ANZ scene, but also against international Vietnamese teams. The boys at Silicon Sports are very excited for what the future holds for Heroes of the Storm and firmly believe that they will be number one.

Without further introduction, I present to you, Silicon Sports – Heroes of the Storm!

James “Jaemz” Khor – Assassin
Kevin “Nazgul” Wei – Support
Te Winika “Tee” Waters – Tank
Hoang “Kyuubi” Nguyen – Assassin
Brock “Godzilla” Linton – Support/Flex
Ben “xdss” Wu – Flex
Nathan “Aulda” Brown – Coach/Analyst

What is your name, age and where are you from?

Nazgul: Kevin Wei, age 28, NZ Auckland
Tee: My names Te Winika, I’m 22 years old, I live in NZ
Jaemz: James Khor, 27, Sydney
xdss: Ben Wu, 24, Brisbane
Godzilla: Brock, 21, Queensland
Kyuubi: My name is Hoang Nguyen, 19 years old and I’m a Vietnamese living in New Zealand at the moment.
Aulda: Nathan Brown, 23, Melbourne.

In game ID and why did you choose it?

Nazgul: came from lord of the rings trilogy.
Tee: I choose it is because it’s my nickname.
Jaemz: I chose Jaemz because I really couldn’t think of a cool name and also I lack any form of creativity.
Xdss: Lacking any inspiration these four letters were on the radio system hooked up to my PC. This was quite a few years ago and as they say the rest is history.
Godzilla: Godzilla sounded alright at the time.
Kyuubi: My IGN is Kyuubi, I chose that ID because I like Naruto :D, it used to be Fox, but I’d changed it to Kyuubi since I felt like “Kyuubi” sounds cool and mysterious xD, basically it means “Nine-tailed” in Japanese.
Aulda: IGN is Aulda.

Favourite and least favourite role/hero to play and why?

Nazgul: Jaina and Brightwing are my favourite because they are fun to play.
Tee: Tank is my favourite because you are always in the thick of fights
Jaemz: Definitely assassin role because I really enjoy killing other heroes, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. My favourite hero would be Illidan because of his mobility and self-sustain.
Least favourite role to play would be support/healer because it is literally the opposite of killing heroes. Least favourite hero would be Lili because almost all of her skills are auto target.
Xdss: Although I feel that I’m equally proficient at all roles, I prefer playing specialist as this role strikes a nice balance between pushing and objective impact.
Godzilla: Favourite role is actually assassin, and would have to say Malfurion is my favourite hero due to his kit.
Kyuubi: My favourite role to play is dps since I love dealing damage in any game haha. The hero I enjoy playing the most is Kerrigan, but in the competitive scene I mostly go with Valla and Falstad :) On the other hand, I hate playing Gazlowe, I don’t like setting up turrets lol.
Aulda: Favourite role at the moment is Flex, favourite hero is Falstad – all about the hinterland blast. Least favourite hero is Gazlowe because he’s all or nothing.

Favourite and least favourite map to play and why?

Nazgul: No particular one, I’m cool with all maps.
Tee: Favourite map would be sky temple cause of the constant action around the map. Don’t have a least favourite map, there all quality.
Jaemz: My favourite map is dragon shire, because the main objective of this map is arguably the least snow-bally and it really rewards good rotations. My least favourite map is tomb of the spider queen, mainly because it is the newest and I really dislike the concept of collecting and handing in something.
Xdss: Favourite would be Dragon Shire, the dynamic of lane control is really highlighted in this map, forcing smart rotations. Least favourite would be Haunted Mines, maybe more so when the Golems didn’t have the scaling they did now. Losing early game fights and trying to down a 100 strength golem without losing your whole base is a challenge.
Godzilla: Sky Temple, such a fun map for team fights and enjoy the objective control aspect of it.
Kyuubi: My favourite map to play on is Dragon Knight and Sky Temple, I just like Dragon Knight because that map looks awesome :) and my performance is always good on Sky Temple xD.
Aulda: Favourite map is Cursed Hollow, fun to play on and tributes are a cool mechanic. Least favourite map is Tomb of the Spider Queen, just not a fun map.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Heroes of the Storm.

Nazgul: I am a cool person and an Engineer.
Tee: I live in Auckland.
Jaemz: I work 5 days a week, no hobbies apart from gaming, typical desk job. My life is truly all about Heroes of the Storm to be honest =]
Xdss: I live a fairly active lifestyle but with full time work, HOTS fills the any available gaming void.
Godzilla: Just another chill guy.
Kyuubi: I’m a first year university student, studying Mechanical Engineering at the moment and I’m also a manga translator/proofreader of Devil Slayer Team – A manga/anime translation team in Vietnam.
Aulda: I’m a true hardcore gamer, I love playing action adventure and I’m a big fan of Dark souls 1 & 2 and Blood Borne.

Who is your favourite team mate to play with on SLCN?

Nazgul: No one particular, all teammates are good, I can learn a lot from them.
Tee: All great people to play with.
Jaemz: I don’t really have a favourite teammate, I really like playing with all of them, however if i have to pick it would be Kyuubi because he’s the only one who reminds me to tab back into the game when it starts
Xdss: Tee because his deciphering his accent is a challenge in itself.
Godzilla: Jaemz
Kyuubi: Hmm, if I have to decide my favourite teammate to play with on SLCN, I’d say I love playing with all of them :) They are all reliable and I know exactly what I should expect from them.
Aulda: Tee is easy going and easy to talk about the game with.

What hero would you buff if you had the chance?

Nazgul: Sonya probably.
Tee: I’d like to see Arthas get a buff
Jaemz: If I had the chance, I would love to buff Zeratul. I feel like he’s rather weak at the moment, maybe a buff to Shadow Assault would be good.
Xdss: Sonya or Muradin. Aside from E.T.C or Diablo, warriors at the moment especially Sonya have with limited tanking abilities lack the ability to have an impact aside from single target disables.
Godzilla: Nazeebo
Kyuubi: I want to buff Kerrigan and Falstad :( They were sooooo good with rewind
Aulda: Buff thrall, he has no DPS at the moment and he is easy to CC and blow up.

What hero would you nerf if you had the chance?

Nazgul: The lost Vikings’ experience soaking ability.
Tee: Lili.
Jaemz: Definitely Sylvannas due to her ability to completely shut down forts/keeps, also that AOE ranged silence is rather powerful.
Xdss: Sylvanas, the tower disable is way too strong. Combined with certain line-ups the pressure that Sylvanas can put on a lane is often game changing.
Godzilla: Jaina
Kyuubi: I want to nerf Murky, I just don’t like that toxic hero at all!
Aulda: Kael needs a nerf it’s a joke how good he is at the moment.

Any shout outs or call outs?

Nazgul: Rarely, I often stay quiet.
Xdss: I feel some history can’t hurt. I Played large amount of War3 Dota from around the 5.xx versions (Shoutout to Bored Aussie!), then HoN, Dota 2. Currently I only really play HoTS.
Aulda: Shout out to HappyRage – been a big help to me, Jaemz for getting me in contact with SLCN and Local for running the ANZ teamspeak.