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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Cardslinger Conquest 1 Report

The first ever Silicon Sports Cardslinger tournament was held on April 25th, it featured 33 participants in a Best of 5, Conquest, single elimination format. Conquest being the new and popular format, Silicon Sports decided to really push for this format for particular reasons; every time a player wins a deck, they cannot use that same deck again, we feel that it proves a large portion of skill to advance on to the next round. The tournament was fortunate enough as well to gain access to Hearthstone World Championship Qualifier points from Blizzard Entertainment.

Day one of the tournament featured 4 rounds of action, with the first game kicking off between Kratosblood vs SkuxxFulla, in the only Round 1 game, interestingly enough with this game, both opponents were actually friends in real life, which made for some bragging rights, however Kratosblood was able to clean the floor with SkuxxFulla 3 – 0. But Fortunately for SkuxxFulla he ended up winning the random $10 prize. Round 2 action was where all the participants were able to compete, noteable players in the tournament that featured in Round 1 were CitizenNappa who at the time of the tournament was ranked 1st in overall tournament results (Oceanic Database, data gained from April 18th), as well as FYD, Smithereens and Twizz. Some unfortunate news in Round 2 was that Kenji the 2nd in overall tournament results and currently 13 legendary rank, missed his Round 2 match and was disqualified.

The end of the first days play saw CitizenNappa, FYD, Malevolence and Crimsondead advancing to the Semi Finals, but not without some hard fought match ups along the way. Malevolence having to defeat Logik in the preliminary games in a tight 3-2 victory, Logik of course is ranked 6th in the Oceanic Hearthstone World Championship qualifier standings. Crimsondead also fighting out a tough 5 set round with Daph, winning 3-2 and to note Daph is also considered a high achiever in the Oceanic scene at the moment.

On day 2, the Semi finals kicked off with Crimsondead sweeping FYD in a shocking 3 – 0 victory, had majority of the viewers shocked, FYD of course coming into the tournament as a clear cut favourite purely on his Oceanic Hearthstone Championship Qualifier rankings in 1st position. CitizenNappa and Malevolence fought out a tough 5 set match in the semi finals with CitizenNappa edging out Malevolence 3 – 2. The 3rd place match was somewhat of a disappointment, with FYD automatically winning a walk over 3 – 0 due to Malevolence not being able to show up for his 3rd round match due to Internet issues.

The final was something to remember with Crimsondead taking on CitizenNappa, Crimsondead bringing along his undefeated Warrior deck while CitizenNappa bringing along his tournament experience was unable to get over the line against Crimsondead on the day, Crimsondead was able to shut out the match and earning himself the crown of the first ever Silicon Sports Cardslinger tournament. Along the way picking himself up a valuable 10 Hearthstone World Championship Points as well!

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Next tournament begins on May 23rd; make sure to register when you get the chance!

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