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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Thank you DIVINE Pezz


Today I have the unfortunate news that one of the founding members of, Jack ‘Pezz‘ Perry has decided to retire from competitive StarCraft 2.

Pezz has been a dominant force in the Melbourne LAN scene as well as in major online tournaments and proved his worth most notably throughout 2014 with consistent top 4 results at ACL Pro LANs as well as taking down numerous top international players.

Jack had this to say about his journey over past couple of years.

StarCraft 2 has been a long journey for me, I first started out in Bronze and had little talent. I learned through hard work and determination anyone can make it to GM. After taking 2 years off university (whilst working) I made it to GM and got some good results in tournaments.

It wasn’t enough, so I decided to go back to uni. During last year, I was studying, working, and playing SC2. To my surprise that’s when my best results came in, I’m incredibly proud about what I have been able to achieve, and how I’ve proved myself to be the best Protoss player in SEA in 2014.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep up study/work and SC2 in 2015; 2nd year is harder and my passion is dwindling. However, this has been a journey I won’t regret or forget.

Silicon Sports have been a great team for me, whenever any of us needed anything (for example flights to tournaments) we will instantly be bought tickets. There are no questions asked, it’s simple, looks after its players. I’m proud of how far has come, and hope it keeps going at this rate into the future.

Jack ‘Pezz’ Perry


Jack has been an exemplary ambassador for Silicon Sports and will be missed on the Pro circuit. He will continue to be part of the Silicon Sports family supporting the current & future roster of players with his insight and ability to analyse the game.

Thank you ‘DIVINE’ Pezz for all your hard work over the years mate!

SLCN.Pezz aka #DIVINEPezz

The one, the only, Divine Pezz