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Silicon Sports | 23/08/2019

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Please Give a Warm Welcome To…


Many of you will be familiar with the excitement machine, Ryan Jones. For those who are not, NXZ has and continues to be a top performer both at online events and at major LANs. He is one of the most respected players in the SEA scene for not only his skill but his passion for the game.

To back this up, last weekend he finished second in the WCS Season 2 Oceania Qualifiers. Ryan will now be playing in the Challenger Series this weekend for spot in the WCS NA Premier League; most likely against his former team mate, PiG. Add to this his consistent run in the OSC, where he is sitting comfortably within the top ten.

Ryan Jones - SLCN.NXZ

The excitement is evident

Ryan gives us an insight to his path since ACL Sydney last year up to this point.

After my brief break at the end of last year, I was inspired to come back after seeing the WCS changes in 2015. This year I’m really hoping to break through into the top 3 of a national LAN and really make a mark as a player to be remembered and respected within the scene.

Silicon Sports are very active within the community and in supporting the local scene and I am good friends with several of their players. This makes me really excited to be able to represent Silicon Sports and I think makes them the perfect fit for me.

Ryan ‘NXZ’ Jones

Personally I am thrilled to have Ryan represent Silicon Sports (of course!). It speaks volumes for the effort we put into the scene to have someone of NXZ’s calibre approach us. I know he will slot in to the team perfectly and I am sure we can help him achieve his goals.

Make sure to get on the NXZ train this weekend as Ryan fights for a spot in the WCS Premier League!