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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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CyberGamer Smite Open Ladder Season 1 Finals Preview

CyberGamer Smite Open Ladder Season 1 Finals Preview

Hello and welcome players, fans and supporters alike to the first CyberGamer Open Ladder Finals Preview. Its a pleasure to be bringing this article to you with the incite (hah puns) of the CyberGamer Admin, Knightfall.

Rankonius: So first up Knightfall, welcome and thanks for the input!

Knightfall: Thanks Rank! I’m stoked to help out with this preview of the tournament happening tomorrow. I’m so excited for it!

R: Its been one heck of a season so far, why don’t you take us through a quick recap on the first season of the Open Ladder and give us the seedings going into the finals!

K: The start of the ladder was pretty lowly populated as teams were still in creation at the time but looking at the growth of the ladder to where it is now is so awesome to see. The strongest teams did come out on top, teams such as Trident, Silicon, Incite and The Hetairoi with many teams putting up a great challenge for everyone. The Oceanic scene is definitely extremely close in skill level. For example the famous Trident vs Silicon match that went for more than 50 minutes showed that both teams are very well matched in skill. Both teams respected each other so much in that match that the Fire Giant dance went for more than 5 minutes as neither team could find a good position to start or engage without possibly losing the fight.

Right now the current standings are:

1 – Silicon Sports

2 – The Hetairoi

3 – Incite

4 – PingTwoSeventy: Blue

5 – Trident Organisation

6 – Knights of Honor

7 – Anti Alias

8 – NoFar KingClue

R: Well this is probably an appropriate point to point out that the finals are going to be double elimination best of 1’s to the semi finals where it will turn into best of 3’s. The first time we are going to be seeing this format on the Australian Servers. Its fantastic to see this for the first time! Are there any teams you think are going to do better with the double eliminations and then the best of 3’s?

K: Yeah being able to organise a double elimination tournament for the first time is pretty exciting! I feel as though Incite will have an advantage as they have won 4 5v5 tournaments so they have the experience of playing for an extended period of time focussing on the game and adjusting strategies to each team they meet.

R: Righto, time to talk through the first round where we are going to see Silicon v NoFar KingClue, Ping 270: Blue v Trident, Hetairoi v Anti Alias and Incite v Knights of Honour. Whats your incite into this one? By the way, that pun is never going to get old! Thanks Incite for your team name.

K: I think the matches to look out for in the first round will be Ping270: Blue vs Trident Organisation as well as the match between The Hetairoi and Anti Alias. These 4 teams are equally matched against their opponents and it will be an extremely amazing first round to cast! The other matches are favoured for Incite to win their first round match against Knights of Honor and Silicon are favoured to win their first round match against NoFar KingClue however upsets are still have a high possibility of happening in this tournament.

R: If you had to select a winner of the closer matches what would it be?

K: That is a very difficult question to answer, however, I personally think that Trident can take the win over Ping270: blue. Trident however have 2 players new to their roster, so that is what makes this decision extremely hard to make. It may be that Ping270: blue can upset Trident in this first round due to the 2 new players on Trident not having as much synergy with the rest of the team. The match between The Hetairoi and Anti Alias is also extremely difficult as The Hetairoi have 2 subs also. So I think that Anti Alias will be able to take out the first round win as they are evenly matched against The Hetairoi when they have their full roster. Again it comes down to team synergy which is an extremely important factor in gaming especially at a competitive level.

R: Well, that’s only the first games of the day and sets up some interesting matches further on in the bracket! We’re only going to Semi-Finals tomorrow, is that correct?

K: That is correct. Semi finals and grand finals will be played next sunday.

R: So go ahead and make some predictions about who will be in the winner’s bracket semi and then the loser’s bracket semi for next weekend, just so the teams we can prove you wrong!

K: I feel as though Incite vs Silicon will be in the winners bracket semi finals next week and the losers bracket semi finals will be Trident against Anti Alias. Again this goes back to team synergy with playing with subs and how equally matched all these teams are.

R: Righto, well thanks for your time and input here Knightfall, where can we check out the stream of the games tomorrow?

K: There are going to be a couple of streams going tomorrow, the one we will be casting on is I am currently uncertain of the other streams url’s at the moment, however, they will be posted tomorrow before or during the tournament to the Oceanic Smite  Facebook group.

R: We also got in contact with Daniel “BezerkDC” Chlebowczyk and asked him what his thoughts were on the Open Ladder so far and the finals over the next 2 Sundays, and this is what he had to say:

It’s been great to see the local SMITE community start competing with the first teams rising up. It will be exciting to see the action unfold in these finals. As an end cap to the early ladder it’s going to serve as an interesting preview of what’s to come. Good luck to all the players!

R: Alright well that wraps things up from us, we hope to see you enjoying the casting tomorrow and a big best of luck to all the teams competing, we hope you earn glory for yourselves on the battlefield! Any final notes from you Knightfall?

K: Good luck to all the teams participating tomorrow! I look forward to casting the epic matches! Come hang out in the community teamspeak server and talk about the games being casted while they happen! The IP is This will be posted on the facebook group also along with the other channels streaming!

K: Don’t forget after the tournament tomorrow the weekly podcast DeOCEide will be happening on the Smite_oce twitch channel! So don’t close that browser when we’re done casting! We will be having our regular cast and crew, Rankonius, TopNotch, Machine, and myself, as well as our returning guest for this week, TemperWolf. Thanks Rankonius for this discussion and I hope we can do more of these in future!

Don’t forget if you want to keep up with more of the Smite Oceania Action head on over to the Oceanic Smite Facebook Group (here) or on the Smite Oceanic SubReddit (here).