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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Top spot is ours, for now

Silicon Sports v Trident eSports

Smite has been growing in Australia since the World Championships in January. Hi-Rez have committed to the Oceanic scene with a spot available at the 2016 SWC. With that, of course, comes fierce competition.

Since announced its Smite roster, the team has gone from strength to strength with their passion and dedication to the game and the local community. The CyberGamer ladder saw them on equal standing with Trident, a team worthy of their placing, with both teams undefeated from their five matches.

The respect each team had for each other was very apparent heading into the game. The boys themselves were not confident and considered themselves the underdogs in the match up. v Trident

I’ll let Maxen talk about some of the highlights of the game

First Blood

The first play was a snap decision after we saw Trident’s Jungler rotating from the solo lane to mid. We were able to collapse on him as he looked for a gank on our mid laner.

First Blood

This was crucial for us as it put us in the lead before mid-camps which can be incredibly important. For example I was able to hit level 5 where Trident’s Jungler was only level 4, the difference between 4-5 is huge.

Trident Take the Lead

At the first mid camp fight they were able to beat us due to a strong rotation from their Bakasura who is very good early in the game. However due to our earlier kill we were still able to stay in the lead.

Around the mid game, Trident were able to secure two Gold Furys which put them in the lead for some time. We were able to get some return kills though so we were only around 1k gold behind the whole match.

Fire Giant

As we approached the late game there was a grouping for both teams around the Fire Giant in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘dance’ where no one is ready to commit to anything. When the initiation finally happened we lost the fight and they were able to capitalize by getting the Fire Giant.

Once again we obtained multiple return kills on them which allowed us to push through the mid lane and take their Phoenix. This was a crucial turning point in the game.

Fire Giant

The Final Push

With the relieved pressure from their Phoenix being down we were able to win more fights, focusing on picking out Artemis. We then took down the remaining phoenixes and won the game with the help of Chronos’ ridiculous objective damage.

It was overall a great game and well played by both teams!




Congratulations to the entire team. I know that the Curse chat exploded when the game finished!

Silicon Sports can now claim top spot on the Cybergamer ladder… for now. The team now realises that they will have a target on their back and will have to step up their efforts to remain in this position.

Official Replay, Stats and VOD

To check out all the stats head over the Silicon Sports v Trident Match Stats page. Use the following command in system chat on the main menu of SMITE to view the replay of this match:

/Replay 135627991

You can also check out the cast of the replay by TheMachine & Knightfall from General’s Gentlemen: