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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Top Smite Smite

With the recent Smite World Championships held in Atlanta for over US$2,600,000 and the commitment of Hi-Rez Studios to our region, I am very happy to introduce the Smite team.

You may recognise these players from their former team known as Rival eSports.

The team has begun challenging other teams on the CyberGamer ladder with great success, currently 3-0. With aspirations to reach the Smite World Championships, the dedication of the team, led by TopNotch and supported by Maxen, ranabarana, FreeMason and JustRogue will certainly make their presence known in the battleground of the gods. The team will be managed by Taddy, who will be the go to man for organising the team.

Rankonius, some of you will know from our Breakfast of the Gods event and for his work on the OzLoLPodcast, also joins us as our content manager for Smite and League of Legends.

Please join me in welcoming the latest addition to the Silicon Sports family!

– rezyn8