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Silicon Sports | 24/05/2019

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SLCN Counter Strike GO Team Update Counterstrike GO CS:GO is pleased to welcome Mitch ‘emarosa’ Littlejohn. He will be part of the core five man team, joining ‘Carbunkle’, ‘z0nia’, ‘HadeS’, ‘shN’ and ‘burkus’. He brings a wealth of experience from playing in several strong teams in the past in both source and GO. ‘emarosa’ will also be acting as our in-game leader, and hopefully will be able to be a part of the LAN team as well in the future.

We have been practising together for the past few weeks and have been progressing well in scrims. Our main focus on improvement have been giving each player the appropriate roles in the team, and practising our set up strategies.

We have participated in the pre-season Summer Slam Open Ladder, which has just finished, with the team recording 7 wins and 3 losses. Overall, finished in 6th place, which is very encouraging for 2015. CS:GO also took 2nd place at the recent Respawn LAN event. With the added strength of emarosa, we hope to continue growing and moving in a positive direction!

Our immediate goal is to prepare for the Cybergamer Amateur League (CGA) next season with the aim of progressing to the play off finals next season, wish us luck!