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Silicon Sports | 18/08/2019

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Meet the Players: Runamok

Domination Cup Interview

Ok, this is the last player interview before the Domination Cup. It’s the x5 Terran from Melbourne, Runamok!

Could you tell us a little about your self and why you have entered the Domination Cup.

Thirsty for the competition and to benchmark where my new set up has taken me.

Are you at School/Uni? What are you studying at the moment?

Currently studying IT here in Melbourne to work my way into becoming a solutions architect.

What is your poison? (Favourite drink)

Jameson black and Lemonade.

Do you have a favourite food?


Favourite Colour?

Green or Purple

What would you do if you won Lotto?

Invest it, buy fast cars, fly Jet planes, literally become take of Australia.

Could you please describe your play style in three words.

Attack Attack Macro

Who do you look up to, take inspiration from, in the StarCraft 2 community?

In no particular order because they’re all incredible; MVP, MMA, Taeja, Marineking, Cure and Bunny. (TERRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! -rez)

Who are looking forward to matching up with in the Domination Cup?

Everyone is a threat to the prize and they all play the game differently, that’s the beauty of it! I see the game in a very black and white view it’s not the player and never has been its the race they play and to what extent they can push that race to its ultimate potential.

Who are you looking to avoid in the Domination Cup?

I would have said Pezz but now I’m feeling more and more confident in the match up that I once hated, so maybe pig because I don’t want to have an early x5 knockout.

Any special message or call out to anyone in the Cup?

Hmm, Wally i see you ;) and welcome to Melbourne boys hope you enjoy your stay.

That is definitely the last of the player interviews leading up to the Domination Cup.

There are still spots open for the LAN; check in is at 10am and games kicking off at 10:30.

Hopefully you can join us on the day or tune in on

Enter the Domination Cup Today!

The Domination Cup is Supported by

Village Cinemas

Blizzard Entertainment
Tt eSports / Thermaltake Australia
MC Internet Cafe