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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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Meet the Players: Pox

Domination Cup Interview

The only Random player in the Domination Cup is coming home to collect some nerd tears from Petrify, if the dice rolls his way. Hello Pox!

Could you tell us a little about your self and why you have entered the Domination Cup.

I’m a Melbourne native currently living in Canberra, and SC2 has been one of my favourite methods of wasting time since its release. I like to think I was semi-relevant in the SEA competitive scene for a little while, mostly by exploiting imba zerg. I’ll be back in Melbourne soon to see my folks anyway so I figured I’d come along; mostly to catch up with people and challenge them to RvR. I come prepared with many well-reasoned justifications for being bad at SC2, including “nice netdecking you tryhard” and “at least I’m not main-racing scum”.

Are you at School/Uni? What are you studying at the moment?

Yeah, I’m a couple of years (oh god has it really been that long) into a PhD in pure mathematics. I’ll avoid actually writing about my research and instead post a link to a shiny toy that is vaguely related:

What is your poison? (Favourite drink)

Anything made mostly from tonic water.

Do you have a favourite food?

It’s hard to single one out… the top ten list probably includes souvlaki, char kway teow, curry laksa, lox+bagels… dammit now I’m hungry.

Favourite Colour?

Orange? Let’s say orange. (Silicon Orange FTW! -rez)

What would you do if you won Lotto?

Travel for a while, donate anything over 5 mil to various charities, invest the remainder and live comfortably.

Could you please describe your play style in three words.

Make more units.

Who do you look up to, take inspiration from, in the StarCraft 2 community?

I’ve been a Snute fan for a long time – I admire his attitude and his play styles.

Who are looking forward to matching up with in the Domination Cup?

I really want to beat Petrify with Terran again.

Who are you looking to avoid in the Domination Cup?

I’ve barely played since ACL Sydney so I don’t expect to go very deep no matter what bracket I draw. The scariest that have signed up so far are probably (in no particular order) Pezz, Fighto, RivaL, Waldo, MK, maybe a few more depending on current form – but really anyone could beat me.

Any special message or call out to anyone in the Cup?
Big Kev: you better be excited

Real Kev: please no 2 hour mechfests (PLEASE NO!)

Stay tuned for more interviews as we head towards the Domination Cup on November 29, only a couple of days to go!

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