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Silicon Sports | 18/06/2019

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Meet the Players: Petrify

SLCN Domination Cup Player Interview

Team Silicon Sports‘ Captain, Petrify, gives us a few minutes to answer the following and up the ante for this weekend’s Domination Cup.

Could you tell us a little about your self and why you have entered the Domination Cup.

I’m a 22 year old genius who is super good at video games, so i figured i’d show up for some free money.

Are you at School/Uni? What are you studying at the moment?

Doing my last exam today of commercial law. I was going to do astrophysics but I found it too easy.


Mark ‘SLCN.Petrify’ Fittipaldi

What is your poison? (Favourite drink)

Arsnic. Or whiskey (shout out to Maynarde).

Do you have a favourite food?

Nothing better than a good burger

Favourite Colour?

Red, like the colour of blood from my enemies

What would you do if you won Lotto?

Buy some burgers

Could you please describe your play style in three words.

I read minds.

Who do you look up to, take inspiration from, in the StarCraft 2 community?

Stephano, of course.

Who are looking forward to matching up with in the Domination Cup?

Originally I was going to say Pezz with some friendly banter but after reading RivaL’s post I’m going to have to say him. It’s cute he called me out, and now I really want to play him as I’m confident I can beat him despite not practicing since ACL sydney. If Kez can take maps and series off him there is no doubt I will be able to :)

Who are you looking to avoid in the Domination Cup?

Pezz because he plays Protoss.

Any special message or call out to anyone in the Cup?

Hi Pezz!

Looks like we have some trash talk upping the stakes for the Domination Cup. #REALPET has been playing more Heroes of the Storm than anything else in recent times and will most likely make it to the top four as per his run in the WCS Qualifiers earlier this year.

Stay tuned for more interviews as we head towards the Domination Cup on November 29!

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The Domination Cup is Supported by

Village Cinemas

Blizzard Entertainment
Tt eSports / Thermaltake Australia
MC Internet Cafe