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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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Meet the Players: MightyKiwi

Meet the Players: MightyKiwi

Flying in from the land of the white long cloud, David Gore aka MightyKiwi, is looking to bring home a win for his new team. He has a wealth of tournament experience and comes in as the Domination Cup‘s number two seed.

Could you tell us a little about your self and why you have entered the Domination Cup.

I am a 19 year old (almost 20 ;_; ) Zerg player from Wellington NZ playing for Vox Eminor. I entered the cup because of the support from Vox to play overseas, I hope that I can bring home a win for the Vox guys.

Are you at School/Uni? What are you studying at the moment?

No study for me this year, I’ve got a job at Hell Pizza. Uni is on the table, once i am sure of what i want to study.

What is your poison? (Favourite drink)

Water, it’s literally the nectar of the gods.

Do you have a favourite food?

Ahhhhh not really, but i have a major sweet tooth and bad eating habits.



Favourite Colour?

Dark Blue or Teal

What would you do if you won Lotto?

Quit my job, pay back my parents, take 2015 off to do some travel to see some friends and SC2 events and pay for my uni.

Could you please describe your play style in three words.

Aggressive Cheesy Spontaneous

Who do you look up to, take inspiration from, in the StarCraft 2 community?

This one has to be Woo Kyung Chul “Sage” even though he no longer plays. He helped me a lot while i sat next to him in the ROOT house, especially with my mentality towards the game.

Who are looking forward to matching up with in the Domination Cup?

Anyone who doesn’t play Protoss or Zerg ^_^ so all of the Terrans.

Who are you looking to avoid in the Domination Cup?

Nobody specifically but i’d like to avoid ZvZ.

Any special message or call out to anyone in the Cup?

Nope, but GL HF to everyone and I hope we can all play our best on the day.

MightyKiwi will definitely throw up some interesting games with his not so obvious strats. I am sure he will be doing everything he can to fleece the Australians of the Cup.

Stay tuned for more interviews as we head towards the Domination Cup on November 29!

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