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Silicon Sports | 24/07/2019

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Meet the Players: Alopex

Domination Cup Interview

Another interstate raider from NSW to contest the Domination Cup is Frenetic Array’s Alopex.

Could you tell us a little about your self and why you have entered the Domination Cup.

fray`Alopex Zerg

Are you at School/Uni? What are you studying at the moment?

2nd year Bachelor of IT

What is your poison? (Favourite drink)

Anything that tastes good, non-alcoholic usually

Do you have a favourite food?

not really I’m not picky at all

Favourite Colour?

Purple is the colour I always use in game SC2

What would you do if you won Lotto?

Buy a house buy a car and start a family, rest go into investments

Could you please describe your play style in three words.

Fast paced Zerg

Who do you look up to, take inspiration from, in the StarCraft 2 community?

Soulkey JD Solar DRG :)

Who are looking forward to matching up with in the Domination Cup?


Who are you looking to avoid in the Domination Cup?


Business at the front, no party in the back for this Zerg! Alopex looks like he is on a mission this weekend. Stay tuned for more interviews as we head towards the Domination Cup on November 29!

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