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Silicon Sports | 07/02/2023

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Worlds is coming!

League of Legends World Championships

Not long to go until the party kicks off at Village Cinemas Crown for our Worlds Viewing Party!

With the Vmax cinema completely sold out this is definitely going to be an eSports event that will last long in the memory!

Doors open at 4:45pm so make sure you get there with time to spare as we will be handing out lanyards, wristbands and even some Worlds t-shirts and other items thanks to Riot Oceania. Speaking of other items we also have some Teemo Collector Statues to give away throughout the night.

Our major sponsor, Steelseries has a truckload of gear to give away tonight as well – mouse mats, keyboards, mice, headsets, keyboard bags and two signed Fnatic League of Legends team shirts!

If you haven’t entered the Worlds Prediction Competition make sure you do so here.

Make sure to keep your ticket as you will need this to claim your prize if your seat is called out.

Will Samsung White clean house or can Star Horn Royal Club create an upset – I can’t wait to find out! See you there tonight at Village Cinemas Crown!