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Silicon Sports | 07/02/2023

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#DreamPool Voting Has Begun

StarCraft 2 #DreamPool Voting


With all the serious competitions winding up around the globe in the next few weeks, its refreshing to see Blizzard turn around and say, “let’s have some fun!”. We all get to vote on what maps will be in the so called #dreampool for the Season 4 Ladder so don’t miss out on voting for you favourite past maps.

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Incidentally, I voted for Steppes of War (for the lulz), Xel’naga Caverns, Ohana LE, Metalopolis, Habitation Station, Antiga Shipyard & Yeonsu.

Last week, it was announced that we’re allowing the community to choose the map pool for the upcoming ladder season by voting for their favorite ladder maps from past seasons. With over 60 eligible maps, we first asked for your help in trimming down the list for the final poll.

We’ve looked through the nominations posted online and through #dreampool on Twitter and gathered the most popular suggestions. Now with the final poll in place, the voting begins! You’ll have until October 1 to vote on the seven maps that you want to see in Season 4!

Steppes of War

Shakuras Plateau

Tal’Darim Altar LE

The Shattered Temple

Cloud Kingdom LE

Xel’Naga Caverns

Habitation Station LE

Yeonsu LE

Whirlwind LE

Neo Planet S LE

Ohana LE

Daybreak LE

Antiga Shipyard

Bel’shir Vestige LE


Akilon Wastes

For the duration of the voting period, the results will be hidden. Once voting has concluded, we’ll tally up the votes and announce the complete Season 4 map pool in the weeks that follow.