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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Diablo III Patch 2.1 Live tomorrow, Seasons and more incoming.

Diablo III Patch 2.1 Live tomorrow, Seasons and more incoming.

Blizzard have now announced that Diablo III will be updated to patch 2.1 during tonight’s maintenance (see local ANZ times for maintenance here: ).

While this patch is small in size (only three hundred megabytes) this is the first major content patch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and it is adding a lot to the game that many current and past players have been looking forward too.

Blizzard have also warned the patch may take up to thirty minutes to install due to significant rearranging of files in the Diablo III client, so don’t stress if it is taking a while.

In this post we will have a brief overview of what’s to come in 2.1 as well as links to the preview posts Blizzard has put together.

The Big Three

Patch 2.1 has a lot of general changes, class changes and more, but the major component of the patch is “The Big Three” additions.

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 The Vault

Anyone new or old to Diablo III has at some point come across those annoying little Treasure Goblins. Why are they annoying? Because they have the ability to run away and teleport to another dimension hence stopping you from collecting the sweet sweet loot they themselves horde.

Well in 2.1 every time you kill a Treasure Goblin they have the chance to open a portal to “The Vault”. This is the realm of the Baroness Greed who is the leader of all Treasure Goblins and is obsessed with loot and gold. This realm is not designed to be a highly challenging realm but more a fun world with a little bit of challenge and a lot of good rewards.

Read more in Blizzards official preview here:

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Seasons

Probably the most looked forward too part of 2.1 is the addition of seasons. In seasons you will be able to make a new start on a brand new hero which will be separate to your normal account heroes. No gold, No gear, Nothing. During a season you can level up and complete season specific challenges and achievements along with having a leader board for your entire server (top thousand only) you can also see leaderboards for your friends, clan members or if on a lan even your local players.

There is also season only Legendaries and season only transmog sets, transmog sets will unlock once a seasonal character reaches level seventy and cannot be obtained outside of seasonal play (but will unlock account wide), however once a season is complete the legendary drops will be added to normal game drop pools so that people who are not interested in seasonal play may still get the legendaries as long as they don’t mind waiting a little longer.

Once a season is complete (final season length still to be revealed) your hero will roll over to your normal account (or hardcore for hardcore seasonal players), Gold/Paragon experience etc will be combined and any items in your stash will be mailed to you via the ingame mail system.

Please note, The first season will NOT start after maintenance and 2.1 is applied, Blizzard are waiting until the patch is up and running without issue before starting the first season and the date for it will be announced once everything to do with the patch is up and running.

Read more in Blizzards official preview here:

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Greater Rifts

Greater Rifts are a new form of challenge for players, along with significant changes to how riftshards work Greater Rifts add an additional level of challenge for players.

Every time you kill a normal Rift Guardian on Torment or higher you have a chance to receive a “Keystone of Trials” this will open The Realm of Trials in which you have a set time limit to battle against increasingly harder waves of enemies. Once complete this will judge what level of Greater Rift you are ready for, the more waves you destroy the higher the level of Greater Rift key you will acquire.

Now you have access to a Greater Rift for your skill level you may enter and you will have fifteen minutes to complete the Greater Rift, do so in quicker times and you will receive better loot at the end and gain access to the next level of the Greater Rift.

A significant change for Greater Rifts is the lack of loot drops from demons. This is to encourage you to plow through the rift as quickly as possible to set the best time, but fear not! For all the drops that you would have received during the Greater Rift will appear once the rift is completed, so go hard, go quick and go for your own personal loot explosion.

Another addition with Greater Rifts is the new Legendary Gems. These Gems have a chance to drop from Greater Rift guardians and can only be socketed into amulets or rings. However they offer significant buffs to your hero and can be upgraded with the help of the new NPC Urshi who will spawn after you defeat a Greater Rift guardian.

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Legendary Gem Example

Read more in Blizzards official preview here:

While the official patch notes have not been released yet some other honourable mentions for patch 2.1 are:

  • Holding down Shift when comparing items will now exclude bonuses provided by sockets from the comparison.
  • A new hotkey has been added to display the chat window: You can now force the chat window to be displayed by holding down the X key.
  • New buttons have been added to salvage all normal, magic, or rare quality items in your inventory at once: These buttons unlock when the Blacksmith reaches maximum level.
  • Torment-only Set items can now be restored to their original appearance after being transmogrified.
  • The number of Magic materials required to craft Legendary and set Bracers has been reduced from 120 to 72.
  • Pets that belong to other players will now be less visible.
  • New map called “The Cesspools” added for Rifts.
  • New addition to Infernal Machines: The Hellfire Amulet which will randomly roll a passive ability of the class you craft it with.

These along with many more changes await those brave enough to venture back into the world of Sanctuary.

Personally I will be making a Seasonal Hero as soon as seasons begin, What will you be doing in 2.1?

If you ever want to play with me feel free to add me ingame Narull#6634 or join the ANZ community, details of which can be found here:


  1. Narull has posted in the D3 Forums that Seasons will start this Saturday!