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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Adventures in the Storm

REZnanigans is here!

So I am looking to do a regular VOD series on what ever games I am currently playing. You have seen my efforts with Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas and the Heroics (more of which are to come). But in this series I will be focusing on Heroes of the Storm, namely levelling Tassadar to Master (Level 10).

The first video is from the stream I did briefly the other night. I have decided to local recording for the rest of the Tassadar series as there was a huge amount of lag in game (plus quality will be a lot better with local recording). I will try and get the stream setting fixed so that I can stream and play, but Aussie Internet is just terrible.

In this video I come across a weird bug in the Alpha where my skill upgrades do not take effect until the next skill upgrade. This doesn’t stop me and the team from putting on some hurt… a lot of hurt.

If you have been following my twitter, you will know that I have completed & unlocked theĀ Masters skin for Tassadar and I am now looking for a new hero to level.

So let me know in the comments or on twitter what hero you would like to see me level up and I will focus the next series of videos on them.