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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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A bitter sweet farewell to Hearthstones first expansion

Curse of Naxxramus

Today is a bitter sweet day for the Hearthstone community. Today the Frostwing Lair is unlocked and with it comes the end of the first Hearthstone expansion and while I’m sure players will still be defeating Heroic bosses for sometime (me included), I know others will have it completed by the end of the day.

Over the last few weeks we have had a new wing open each week and I have found the bosses and class challenges to be amazing fun, from working out how to counter Heroic Maexxna’s Web Wrap which returns 2 cards to your hand every time she takes a turn to playing with the mindset of a ‘turn ahead’ with Thaddius due to his Polarity Shift which switches the health and attack of all cards every turn, I have loved each boss and can’t wait to take on the final wing tonight. The class challenges were also interesting and made you think outside the box for having a deck that you didn’t know what it contained. The Hunter challenge being my personal favourite as you never knew what beast you would end up with.

I played WoW back when Naxxaramas was the main raid (well it and AQ40) and cleared upto the 4 horsemen with my guild, it was a satisfying experience and Blizzard has done well both for old school WoW players like myself to relive our time past and also for Hearthstone players that know nothing of the classic raid dungeon and just see it as an expansion.

While Naxxaramas may not be heavy with story, Blizzard went for the slightly comedic route with Kel’thuzad mocking you as you progress through the bosses (come on who didn’t want to try for the achievement for losing to Gluth) and the new cards that are unlocked after beating the bosses and class challenges will change the games meta forever.

I’ve seen players post, tweet, facebook etc. all sorts of different deck lists and ideas for beating heroic bosses. I’ve seen several deck lists which do work to defeat said bosses and that I believe is what truly made Naxxaramas fun, it’s not just one way to beat the boss and move on, there are several ways that you can defeat them and depending on the cards you own and whether you look up a strategy or bang your head against the boss until you work it out is up to you.

If you still haven’t tried the Naxxaramas expansion the first wing is still free for another week or two so give it a go and try your luck at the bosses, while some may find the normal mode easy the Heroic versions are sure to give you a fun challenge to work out.

Tonight I plan on playing the final wing of Naxxaramas and beating normal mode. So while I bid the expansion farewell in one way, I know it will personally take me awhile to defeat the Heroic versions of all the bosses and I’m excited by the challenge ahead.

I hope that Blizzard will continue to bring out more story mode expansions for Hearthstone and believe that they will only get better as Blizzard learns from this first one.

You can learn more about Hearthstone and the Naxxaramas expansion on the official Hearthstone site. Sign up for free and give it a go yourself!