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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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ANZ Servers for Heroes!

ANZ Servers for Heroes!

In a similar move to the recent Diablo 3 local server announcement, Arcagnion from Blizzard ANZ, has posted in the Heroes of the Storm forum & twitter that ANZ players now have a local server to play on!

Check your account as well for an invite as a large number of players have been added to the Alpha.

Arc’s post is below:

Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to announce Australian game server deployment for Heroes of the Storm. This should result in a smoother gameplay experience for players in Australia and New Zealand. In line with this we have invited a significant number of players from the region to the Technical Alpha. For those who are interested in the participating in Heroes of the Storm during its development, please register by going to and click through the ‘Beta Sign-Up’ link for an opportunity to be flagged in the future. 



Q: What benefits will local servers have for Heroes of the Storm players in Australia and New Zealand?

A: By hosting Heroes of the Storm game servers in Australia, players located in Australia and New Zealand should benefit from improved gameplay responsiveness and a better gameplay experience. 

Q: Will I still be able to play with my friends who are on servers in the Americas?

A: Yes. Because the Australian Heroes of the Storm game servers will communicate with the servers in the Americas, you will be able to seamlessly play with friends who are there. Your friends list is powered by, not the local game servers, so you’ll still be able to easily group up and chat with friends in the Americas. 

Q: Will I need to level up from scratch, pay any fees, or register to transfer? 

A: No. Because the local Heroes of the Storm game servers will be linked with the existing Americas region, all characters, gold earned, and progress will be unaffected. The introduction of Australian servers will be completely invisible to local players (no separate Australian server dropdown menu will be displayed), with the immediate benefit of providing a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience.

Q: Where are the servers physically located? 

A: The local Heroes of the Storm game servers will be hosted within a data centre in Sydney, Australia. 

Q: When will local servers be available?

A: Local Heroes of the Storm game servers are available now! 

Q: Does this mean other Blizzard games will also be getting local servers?

A: Blizzard Entertainment is committed to providing our players around the world with the best possible experiences. We will continue to explore optimal server solutions for all of our franchises in each region.