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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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ACL Sydney Day 1 Recap @ ACL Sydney

The long journey

Our journey to Sydney began with a road trip out to Avalon where upon arrival the announcement over the PA said there would be a hour and a half delay. Great. The Kez Kurse was in effect.


We weren’t going to let this spoil our adventure and like any self respecting pro team we headed to the small ‘gaming’ room. Kez & Rez took out the driving championship. EZ for those who actually had a drivers license. Pezzy tried to take on Donkey Kong, but there was no 1A on the joystick. Rez showed them how it was done with the top score in the 1980s classic, 1942. Whereas the ktunk ktunk of the Batman pinball machine and Pet’s curses were getting the better of him.

True to his commitment in any game, Pet stuck to it and was determined to conquer the game after Rez destroyed Pet’s score with his first ball. It all came together on his third try. Multi ball heaven with Joker Jackpots and Sandman Jackpots galore, Pet is now the certified Pinball Champion and quite possibly the next Pinball Bonjwa.

Pinball Bonjwa

Our flight was finally called for boarding and we were on our way. In the skies above Sydney the captain told us we were going to have to taxi for close to an hour until there was spot for us to land. Sydney had high winds and was down to one runway. Kez Kurse! Touchdown finally. Taxi. Hotel. Sydney SLCN is in you!

Once the dust had settled we ran into more of the SC2 scene on the way to a net cafe and decided it was time to celebrate and catch up over a few drinks. Blysk, inFeZa, ninja, tgun, Peppy, Miles, Fighto, Kat, rezyn8, Pezz, Petrify and Kez rolled into the Mercure’s hotel bar and talked about everything SC2. Time for sleep.

ACL Sydney Day 1

Day 1 of ACL Sydney saw us all arrive early to check out the venue. Simply awesome is how I can describe it. Lots of room, great layout and a huge stadium for the StarCraft 2 stage. Nick Vanzetti welcomed all the gamers and spectators and pronounced the tournament open!


With all the players already in the group stage, they had a bit of a while to wait while the open bracket got underway. There were two double elimination brackets to cater for the huge field comprising of top players such as iaguz, Blysk & MightyKiwi. There was sure to be a few upsets, but it was the talk of what groups these players would pick that was the topic of the day. The biggest surprise was the elimination of Blysk, first going down to Pox in the upper bracket then knocked out by MightyKiwi in the lower.

We checked out the Hearthstone area as well where SEA’s stalwart from Blizzard, PJ, was residing. Without PJ, we would not have an StarCraft event of this magnitude, $7500 prize pool and a spot in the WCS NA Challenger League. So make sure you send him some love on twitter @Blizzard_ANZ!

Hearthstone @ ACL Sydney

Huge delays, technically and with players and casters set the tournament back a fair bit and group play was delayed by about two hours. This was quite frustrating for all the group players but games eventually got underway 2 hours after the scheduled start time.

For our boys, we had a couple of team kills first up with Petrify v Kez & Pezz v Law. Pet took it 2-1 over Kez while Pezz 2-0’d Law. With those team kills out of the way it was time to build buffers in their respective groups.

Group B, Pet & Kez’s group, had Schnitzel & Probe from eCKo. Kez unfortunately had a bad day after going down to Pet, conceding to Schnitzel & Probe 0-2. Hopefully his fortunes will improve on Day 2. Petrify however easily accounted for Schnitzel 2-0. However, he succumbed 1-2 to Probe in a tight series where the third game was won with a very uncommon timing that caught Pet unaware end 1-2. Pet finished the day with a 2-1 record, second to Probe, while Kez had work to do with a 0-3 record.

Group B was joined by Frustration and South from the Open Bracket.

In Group C, Law had a great 2-0 win over Revenant, setting him up for a great tournament. His third match, after the SLCN team kill, was against Alopex but it didn’t go well going down 0-2, finishing 1-2 for the day. Fortunes though were reversed for Pezz taking a easy 2-0 against Alopex but a tough series against Revenant, losing 1-2, saw him finish with a 2-1 record for the day.

Runamok and Rival joined Group C to complete the group.

Our final player, Peppy, managed just the one game for the day. Another tight battle going down 0-1 against Soundwave, Peppy was able to rally and take the series 2-1 with great Muta play. His group was joined by iaguz & Pidgeon.

That was the end of Day 1 for team A mixed day of results but definitely a lot a lessons learned. Time to get some food, sleep and refocus for Day 2.