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Silicon Sports | 18/08/2019

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Looking Back at ACL Brisbane

Looking Back at ACL Brisbane

ACL Brisbane has come and gone and so it is time to reflect on the first major tournament of the year. had six players competing in the StarCraft 2 tournament. Peppy playing from the Open Bracket and the rest of the team, Petrify, Pezz, Kez, Law & Xormentor already qualified to the Group stage. We were certainly dominating in terms of team representation, it was just a matter of turning quantity into quality.

Let’s see what the team had to say about ACL Brisbane!

Law on ACL Brisbane

It was fun meeting everyone at ACL Brisbane, but I am a bit disappointed with my results as I was aiming to reach at least top 8 because I was doing very well in practice, but competing at a LAN is very different to practising at home.

The venue was small and got very hot at times but there were almost no technical difficulties which I have experienced at past ACLs (I had only experienced technical problems once the entire weekend), so I think it was a good trade off. I hope ACL Sydney will be just as good with out technical difficulties.

Kez’s thoughts

I really enjoyed my time in Brisbane. Technically I performed the best of all my ACL’s but given the depth of talent there I felt it was a little underwhelming. Given the recent circumstances surrounding ACL Sydney and the massive hype and prize pool announced, I can’t wait to see the old familiar faces return and I look forward to practising hard!

A few words from Peppy

ACL Brisbane really opened my eyes to how friendly and awesome the SEA community really is. Not only did finally get to meet a lot of cool people at ACL Brisbane, but I got the chance to really show off my StarCraft skills. I am extremely happy to have attended the event and I will definitely do all I can to attend future ACL events.

Petrify’s Perspective

Overall I’m very disappointed with how I played at ACL brisbane. I didn’t meet my goals and played very poorly on Day 1. However, it was a fun time and I enjoyed seeing Pezz finish 4th, however I was a little sad he didn’t make the finals. I hope to redeem myself at ACL Sydney!

Divine Pezz Pontificates

I was pretty happy with my results at ACL Sydney, but I was quite disappointed I couldn’t be the first Protoss to hit a grand final in an ACL. Hopefully I can repeat or improve on my results in the upcoming ACL Sydney.

rez’s two cents

From a spectator point of view, I personally felt it was a very successful tournament watching through the stream. I think the stream hit over 400+ on Day 2 of the Championship bracket but I am sure a bit more advertising before hand and live updates would attract a lot more.

A few other things I would like to see improved upon is player content in the form of interviews and the like through out the day while in between matches. There is quite possibly an opening here for someone to step up and create filler content as well that relates to our scene. We need more hype!

The casting was great. Despite Maynarde pulling out due to sickness, the players at the tournament really stepped up to the plate filling in and providing a great insight and analysis as to how their fellow competitors were playing. I love Maynarde casting, but We need to see more of this at future LANs.

I would have really liked to see the full championship bracket on stream. There were a few upsets and a number of great games played as well that may never seen the light of day. Now I understand there is a time limit issue at venues and it can really draw out the day for casters and players alike, but we should see the Championship bracket in full. At the very least we should see both Semi Finals followed by the third place match and then the Final. I know I really wanted to see Pezz play off against PiG in the Bronze match!

Overall, I still think it was a great tournament and from all accounts, the players agree also. Well done to Brad and the rest of the ACL team for putting on a great show. Can’t wait for ACL Sydney and a return of ACL to Melbourne perhaps?!

Congratulations to Sam ‘x5.KingkOng’ Yu taking out his second successive ACL Brisbane crown defeating Nick ‘fray`HuT’ Hutton. And also to Jared ‘x5.PiG’ taking third over Jack ‘SLCN.Pezz’ Perry. I also want to say thanks to the team themselves. I am very proud of all the results and I know we can improve on them. Peppy definitely had a break out tournament and Pezz was unlucky not to make the Final. Keep #FIGHTING guys, and we will stamp ACL Sydney with our #DOMINATION!

I am going to make every effort to be at ACL Sydney too, to help where I can as well as support the players with advice and back rubs of course!

Any way that is enough of my ranting!

Special thanks to Dominion Gaming TV for the use of their photos. You can check out more photos from ACL Brisbane on their Facebook page.