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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Silicon Sports Dominates ACLPro Online Qualifiers

Silicon Sports Dominates ACLPro Online Qualifiers

Last Sunday we saw the first online qualifier for ACL Pro’s StarCraft 2 season kick off. Points from these events will contribute to seeding at ACL Brisbane and ACL Sydney. So doing well in the qualifiers can really pay off. Silicon Sports had a very good showing from the pro team and the academy with 7 players competing in a field of 34.

The stand out performances on the day was with Kez taking fourth spot and Petrify, aka Seaphano, taking first place and collecting 300 ACL points. You can check out the brackets here on Here’s what some of the guys had to say about the day’s play.

“With ACL Brisbane coming up I had already been practising so I felt prepared and confident with a contributing factor combined: 50% of my ladder games had been PvZ and SEA being so Zerg dominant. Finding out that we were playing last season’s map pool was a bit of a throw off though.

First I played Crimson, I had not heard of this player before so I carried out a standard build but I was outplayed as he was able to read my build too easily and was able to hold off early gateway pressure and thwart my second all in timing with Colossi/8 gate/1-1. Second game I felt like I needed to do something less standard due to his solid play in game 1. I went for a 2 Stargate, 6 Oracles into Colossi and third on Alterzim. After placing the Stargates in a fairly poor spot against scouting overlords the oracles did no damage and I could not get a third up and hold the counter attack of hydras.

Moving to the lower bracket I was faced with a team kill against Law, recently unaware of his level of play I did the same thing from my first game against Crimson and it produced the same net result of a loss. Feeling like I had made mistakes in the first game I went for similar play but had some bad engagements and then tapped out after a tech switch I was too behind to prepare for.

Knowing that online events have usually been my weak point and after making it to groups twice last year through the open bracket, I will continue to practice for Brisbane and will confidently produce better results online in the process.”

Xormentor :: Silicon Sports Academy

“I’m awesome. That is all.”

Kez :: Team Silicon Sports

“My ACL qualifiers went pretty perfectly! It started off pretty tough with a 2-1 win over Crimson, fortunately for me I got the good end of some build orders so I was able to take him down. After that I played against South and that series was a lot closer than I was expecting but I was able to beat him 2-0.

I got lucky with some walkovers so I ended up in the winners finals against PiG and lost to him 2-1. He is just insanely strong but I learned a thing or two from the loss. After that I played Probe in the lower bracket finals, and after losing game 1 pretty convincingly I was able to play some of the best ZvP I’ve done in a long time and won 2-1. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a rematch against PiG as he had to leave but that meant I won the qualifiers so I was happy!”

Petrify :: Team Silicon Sports

All in all it was a very successful day for Silicon Sports and hopefully the rest of the team can improve in the next qualifier for more SLCN Domination! The next online round is scheduled for May 11th with details available on ACL Pro’s website and

Big shout out to Zepph for her solo casting effort through out the day and Insano, obsing brilliantly once again!

You can check out the brackets here on and more information on ACL Pro at