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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Submit Your D3 Developer Questions Now!

Submit Your D3 Developer Questions Now!

logoWe are already pretty stoked with the changes already implemented as part of Patch 2.0. And after play testing Reaper of Souls in the beta, we can’t wait to sink our teeth back into adventure mode when it is released on March 25th.

With that in mind, rezyn8 & Synthetic will be heading to Blizzard’s Sydney office for the Diablo Developer Down Under Event on Thursday 20th March.

Diablo 3 Lead Character Artist, Paul Warzecha, will be there in person. Paul is on the ‘Monster Strike’ team which look after the creation and behaviour for monsters in Reaper of Souls. He is also heavily involved in the monster modelling process so questions around this will mean he can give out more detailed information. It’s very rare to have a lead developer in Australia, so fire away with specific questions in the comments below we can ask of him.

What do you most want to know more about? We’d love to know what is important to you!


  1. Sean 'Flamga' Krauter

    For the Diablo 3 RoS expansion what would you say has been your biggest inspiration regarding new content? Also not to daisy chain questions but its not everyday you get to ask questions to an awesome person like this. What advice would you give artists looking to get themselves involved in character design, concept art and the like?

    BTW hi Rezyn8 and Synthetic<3 im sorry I cant get to the Barcrafts in Melbourne :( Also enjoy the visit to Sydney!