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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Silicon Sports Welcomes Law


With great pleasure, Silicon Sports would like to announce its newest member.We have had our eye on this player for quite a few months after some extremely impressive performances against top tier players. Our Zerg experts, Petrify and Kez, both believe that this player has the most potential of any up and coming Zerg in SEA. Thus, we are extremely happy to announce the newest member of Team Silicon Sports, Lawrence ‘Law’ Ho (formerly known as Surge).


Lawrence Ho

“I am very excited to join Silicon Sports! When Petrify approached me with the offer of joining Silicon Sports, I knew that Silicon Sports was one of the organisations who legitimately want to help grow the SEA eSports scene, and more specifically, the SEA StarCraft 2 scene as they sponsor a lot of tournaments and host BarCrafts regularly in Melbourne. With their support, I hope to improve as a player and become one of the best players in SEA. I look forward to getting to know my new team mates!”

Follow and watch Law on Twitter & Twitch.

Some of you may have noticed some inactivity over the past few months in tournaments with Silicon Sports’ main team. With the recruitment of Law being timed with ARze returning from Singapore, Petrify returning to StarCraft, Kez practising once again, and Pezz continuing to work as hard as ever, the time has come for you to expect #DOMINATION once again.

Hopefully we will also see StoicWilly show some strong performances during the school holidays, in between his year 12 studies!!