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Silicon Sports | 18/08/2019

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Heroes Alpha on the Way

Heroes Character Selection

Blizzard recently announced that they have released a Technical Alpha for their new arena brawler, Heroes of the Storm.

This will be released to a very select few in the US and to a several other outlets before it is opened up for a closed beta. There are no game keys, as access will be granted directly to your account, so don’t be duped by sites claiming to be giving away keys for the development build. We hope to get access soon and bring you some cool content!

You can find out more about the Heroes Technical Alpha via their FAQs.

Also, in the lead up to the release of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, they have given us a quick glimpse of the Hero selection screen and the available Diablo heroes in Heroes of the Storm. These include the character classes Barbarian, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor as well as Tyrael and Diablo himself (see below). Would be nice to see this expanded to characters such as Deckard Cain or some old favourites like the Butcher or Diablo 2’s Amazon!

Heroes Character Selection