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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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Balance Patch On Its Way

StarCraft 2 Balance Update

David Kim has announced that a Balance Patch is required and will be released on Friday 28th (US time). The much discussed Tempest and Blink changes will not make it into this patch but changes to the Widow Mine, Hydralisk and the Mothership Core will be.

Details of the balance patch can be seen below or in the StarCraft 2 forums:

Dayvie (David Kim), Developer

After testing in the current balance test map, watching current pro level matches, gathering your feedback, and hearing from pro players, we’ve decided that another balance update is needed soon. 

Currently, we’re thinking of waiting on the increase to Tempest damage vs. structures. While we believe the issue of long, drawn out Swarm Host plays in late game PvZ is still something we’d like to solve, we’re just not 100% sure if the Tempest +structure damage is the right change, and we’re discussing what might be the best change to help solve this.

We’re also going to hold off on the increase to Blink’s cooldown duration. After testing this change, we felt it might be too large a nerf to move forward with right now. We’ve also made several Protoss-related changes recently, and want to take some time to see how they’ll play out after we release this balance update.

Here are the changes that we are ready to make right now:

Widow Mine splash damage increased from 40 to 40 +40 shields
We’ve seen a little confusion surrounding this change and we’d like to clarify that it does not change the Widow Mine’s single target damage. As for the splash damage, this is how it’ll work:

  • Up to 1.25 radius, splash damage will increase from 40 to 40 +40 vs. shields.
  • From 1.25 to 1.5 radius, splash damage will increase from 20 to 20 +20 vs. shields.
  • From 1.5 to 1.75 radius, splash damage will increase from 10 to 10 +10 vs. shields.

Hydralisk attack delay decreased from .83 to .75
We believe this change is good for all three match ups after testing. In ZvP, it seems to make a significant difference even though it’s turning out to be not as big as we initially thought before we started testing.

Mothership Core vision decreased from 14 to 9
After testing, this change is turning out to be quite a bit of a nerf for Protoss in terms of early scouting. It also makes the army vs. army case a bit weaker for Protoss in terms of the vision the Mothership Core provides, especially when vision is critically needed, such as during Feedback vs. EMP battles. 

We feel confident about these changes, but if you have any last minute feedback otherwise, please let us know as soon as possible. Just to reiterate, we’re still looking into late game Swarm Host usage, even if there’s no change for it with this upcoming balance update. 

We are targeting Friday, February 28 for this balance update, but if the date changes, we’ll make sure to let you know. We know there are several ongoing tournaments right now, but we wanted to move forward with this update as soon as possible. While there’s never a perfect time to release a new balance update, we wanted to let you know what’s changing as early as we could, and did our best to find a date that wouldn’t impact any major events on patch day. Thank you for your participation during balance testing, and we will be looking forward to hearing from everyone.