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Silicon Sports | 06/07/2020

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SEA Championship Series

SEA Championship Series

Good friend Eddie (aka DevianT) has been doing a stellar job running various StarCraft 2 tournaments for the SEA community through A year of hard work is now coming to a head with the SEA Championship Series Grand Finals for Season 1 taking place on the weekend of November 23rd/24th. This sees the top 32 players in the SEA Power Ranks fight it out for $2000 in prize money. This includes our very own Protoss Grand Masters from Team Silicon Sports, SLCN.Pezz & SLCN.ARze!

The Group stage on Saturday will see players ranked 9th to 32nd play off in a series of Best of 3’s against their opponents with the top 3 finishers in each group going through to join the top 8 seeds in a 20 player double elimination bracket on Sunday to determine the SCS Season 1 Champion. Notable players in the finals include mOOnGLaDe, PiG, Rossi, ValuE, Petraeus and KingKong.

Pezz (@SLCN_Pezz) has drawn Group B with Zergs, Fray’Fenner & SteelHeart and three Terrans in the shape of MajOr, Fray’iaguz and BenQMskiJaBiTo. I asked Pezz what he thought of his group and this is what he had to say:

“I’m pretty happy about my group, I think iaguz and MajOr pose the biggest challenges. I don’t know much about JaBiTo, and I’m somewhat scared of SteelHeart since he is very cheesy in an unpredictable way. Overall I think I can make it through in either 2nd or 3rd place.”

Meanwhile ARze (@SLCNARze) enters Group C with Ninja & Snx.Wally representing Char, fellow Protoss players x5.MegaFonzie & SYF.Fighto with Ax.Heart the sole Terran in the group. ARze also gave me an insight to how he sees his group playing out:

“I feel my group is quite balanced. Clearly Heart being a Korean is the favourite to top it. However the other places would largely be determined by the PvP match ups. My form isn’t great at the moment as I’m having final year university exams, but I’ll have a few days to prac it up before hand! Will definitely be giving my best and see how I go.”

Games will kick off on Saturday 23rd from 12pm AEDT (UTC+11) and we will be bringing you action from the the SCS at alongside BasetradeTV & Maynarde. It is going to be an action packed weekend of amazing StarCraft 2 games so I hope you can join us!


More on the SEA Championship Series

The SEA Championship Series (SCS) started on the 16th December 2012, It’s goal was to unite online SEA tournaments together in regards to seeding + regulations, help grow StartCraft 2 and create opportunities for the players in our region. A player ranking system (SPR) was developed to increase competition and give players something extra to aim for other than $ prizes when participating in partnered tournaments.

We are fast approaching the end of our inaugural season. It’s been a successful start with 63 completed tournaments as of 22/8, with plenty more to come in the remaining weeks. 129 individual players have earned points for placing in these tournaments!

Season 1 of our SEA Championship Series shall come to it’s conclusion on the 10th November. The top 32 players ranked via SEA Power Rankings shall then be invited to play in the $1500+, two day Grand Finale later that month to determine season 1’s champion!

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