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Silicon Sports | 07/02/2023

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Petrify Steps Down from Competitive StarCraft 2

Petrify Steps Down from Competitive StarCraft 2

You may have seen or heard the rumours of Team Silicon Sports’ Captain, Petrify, quitting StarCraft 2. He is stepping down from the pro roster but will continue on in a management and commentary role for Silicon Sports. We support Mark and his decision and are glad he will continue helping us improve Silicon Sports. Mark outlines his decision below.

Mark 'Petrify' FittipaldiHey all, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and it feels good to finally get it off my chest, but I will be stepping down as a competitive player and moving into casting/management for SLCN.

Unfortunately, I got quite sick this year after AVCon and found out I was unable to attend ACL Sydney, this put a huge blow to my motivation as I need something to strive for. I tried to focus on online tournaments instead, but TPG really screwed me over in a lot of tournaments, getting ~500 ping to NA at times is unbearable. 

I tried toughing it out and just laddering/playing customs with no motivation for a while but I really don’t have fun playing this game unless I’m winning in a competitive environment, so laddering is really frustrating and at times depressing for me.

In the past few weeks I decided I’d give it one last crack after talking to rezyn. I improved steadily with the help of coaching from PiG (who is an AMAZING coach – seriously if you are Zerg and need help, go to him), but unfortunately I just can’t rekindle the passion that I once had for this game. 

I’d do a thank you to anyone who supported me as a player but there’s just too many of you, so thanks to everyone. I will give a special thanks to rezyn and Synthetic for running SLCN and creating such an amazing crew. I won’t be leaving this community, and I’ll be staying on as a caster and management for SLCN. 

Thank you