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Silicon Sports | 19/08/2019

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Oceanic Dota Cup #01 Week 2 Results

Oceanic Dota Cup #01 Week 2 Results

This week in the second round of the oceanic up we saw Hans Reborn face off against Can’t say Wips. The final was somewhat a grudge match of old Absolute Legends players from The International 2.

Game 1

In game 1 we saw similar mid game strong line ups drafted by both teams. Hans Reborn took the slight edge in team fight capability whilst Can’t Say Wips had greater potential to win the late game.

Hans Reborn


Can’t Say Wips

Keeper of the Light
Naga Siren

Hans Reborn took the early lead. Successfully shutting down the weaver and finding multiple pickoffs on the Keeper of the light, meant Can’t say Wips were behind from the start. Tinker had a good time mid and was able to pick up his core items relatively fast.

Hans Reborn began exerting their dominance in the mid game finding kills and continuing to farm around the map. Nyx was able to set up some key kills on Antimage who was flash farming with his battlefury. After all the outer towers were taken, Hans Reborn began to siege the base high ground. Despite their 20k gold advantage, Hans Reborn struggled to push in against the nukes from KotL, Naga and Beastmaster. Can’t say Wips used this to stall while their Antimage continued to farm. The solid defense however, wasn’t enough.

The early and mid-game damage had been done and after 54 minutes Can’t say Wips called ‘gg’. Despite Antimage being significantly fat, the rest of Can’t say Wips couldn’t fight against Hans Reborn. The final score was 30-10.

Game 2

Hans Reborn                                           

Can’t Say Wips

Queen of Pain

Wisp was let through the initial banning phase and Can’t say Wips jumped at the chance of playing with their miss-pronounced friend. From the mobility of both teams, this game looked to be an action packed game. What it was is a different story.

Timbersaw was able to find a solo first blood against gyrocopter providing him with the ideal start. Windrunner abandoning the offlane, giving the weaver free farm gave Hans Reborn tow out of three lanes won. Queen of pain was able to win the last hit war mid against a laser built tinker, affording Can’t say Wips some hope.

The Queen of pain struggled to gank the side lanes either going up against a weaver or Timersaw, both with easy escape mechanisms. Instead she focussed on fighting the tinker mid. Good rotations from the supports of Hanns Reborn however, prevented her from taking significant advantage of this.

The rest of the game fell into place for Hanns Reborn after the laneing phase. Weaver farmed top till the 22 minute mark, coming out with a linkins sphere and desolater. Gryocopter couldn’t find farm against the Timbersaw and Wisp had no global presence throughout the game. Can’t say Wips called ‘gg’ at the 29 minute mark, the score was 16-8.

Congratulations to Hans Reborn who directly qualify for the week 4 finals of the Oceanic cup. There’s only one more week to secure direct qualification, or to pick up the vital points to secure a spot in Week 4.

Points Leaderboard

  1. BSP – 4 Points
  2. Can’t Say Wips – 4 points
  3. natics – 2 points
  4. iDentity Esports v2 – 2 points
  5. Team NOCHANCE – 2 points
  6. SYF Gaming – 2 points
  7. YOLOL – 2 points
  8. Muffin Gangstas – 1 point
  9. aG – 1 point
  10. TSG – 1 point
  11. In Haseeb We Trust – 1 point
  12. Panda Logic – 1 point
  13. Sol. – 1 point

For full result brackets, signups for next week and all other information about the Silicon Sports Oceanic Cup, check out the landing page.

VODs for the matches can be found on TondersDOTA’s YouTube channel.