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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Oceanic Cup #1 Week 3 Results and Finals Preview!

Oceanic Cup #1 Week 3 Results and Finals Preview!

The qualifiers are over! The playoff brackets are set, but before we go into that, let’s have a quick recap of Week 3’s final from our very own “nForce”.

This week we see a new name to the Oceanic cup, in Azure face off against BSP, who finished 2nd in week 1. With Azure overcoming Cant say Wips in the semi-finals, this finals series would have an interesting dynamic. BSP, thanks to points, would be progressing to the week 4 finals win or lose. Azure, on the other hand, have everything to play for.

Game 1

Templar Assassin

Nature’s Profit
Shadow Demon

Azure and BSP both opt for strong defensive tri-lanes which see both offlaners (Batrider and Nature’s Profit) head into the jungle. Rotation from Azure comes first seeing a failed gank on the Templar Assassin mid. BSP respond with their own gank on mid lane giving Templar Assassin first blood. Naix opts for a fast hand of midas which sees his free farm exceed that of Razors. Natures profit is better able to exploit any gold/xp that comes from the offlane reaching the tower and puts him ahead of the batrider in the jungle.

At 12 minutes the score is 4-5, BSP ahead. BSP have the advantage from the laning phase and have more heros that can fight immediately. Realising this they group and 5 and being forcing fights in mid. Templar Assassin is able to crush the Azure supports with blink up and BSP take some favourable trades, however some over extension sees their T1 mid counter pushed and taken.

At the 20 min mark Azure are ahead by 4k gold and 5k xp. The score is. 13-13. Nature’s Profit and Naix are able to find farm easier whenever the game slows down. BSP look to have not capitalised enough on their early strength and are starting to fall behind. After taking an uncontested Roshan BSP find, what looks to be, two easy kills. However the rest of Azure aren’t too far away respond convincingly. BSP are team wiped for 2 of Azure’s heros with Natures profit finds an ultra kill.

BSP calls GG at 26 mins. Azure have survived BSP’s early pressure and are now far too strong. Azure take game 1.

Game 2

Nature’s Profit
Queen of Pain

Templar Assassin
Phantom Lancer

Game 2 was very similar to game 1. Again both teams opt for defensive trilanes seeing a farming battle between Alchemist and Phantom Lancer. Alchemist maxing grevils greed first meas he will ultimately win this battle. Phantom lancer picks up an early treads and drums before diffusal blade, choosing to be more of a presence in the early/mid game. Templar Assassin is able to win mid against QoP and Nature’s Profit is able to jump around the map farming the offlane and jungle whilst still being a ganking threat.

BSP group as 5 and try to force fights off their laning phase advantage. Alchemist picking up a battle fury means he is not as well suited to team fighting this early. BSP is able to find some favourable trades but never really get on top of Azure.

At the 20 min mark the score is 12-8, BSP leading, however Azure have a 1k gold and 2k xp advantage. After looking strong earlier BSP haven’t been able to punish Azure in the early/mid game. Despite their strong team fight, they can’t seem to bring anyone from Azure down.

Azure group as 5 and try to breach the base bot. Some very nice plays from both sides see Azure fall back without taking the tier 3 tower. Both teams fall back to farming.

At 30 minutes the score is 18-18 but Alchemist is well ahead on the net worth followed by Nature’s Profit and Phantom lancer. 11 k gold and 7 k XP lead to Azure.

A big team fight in radiant jungle sees Azure get 4 kills for barely a scratch. All of BSP’s dead heros are caught without buyback and Azure storm into the base through bot lane.

GG is called in 33 mins, Azure take the game.

Playoffs Preview

So, the finals are upon us. This Sunday the top 8 teams will battle it out. Let’s take a look at the leaderboard to see where everyone finished.

Direct Qualification
1. Noxious Gaming
2. Hans Reborn
3. Azure

Qualified via Points Leadeboard
1. BSP – 8 points
2. Can’t Say Wips – 6 points
3. YOLOL – 3 points
4. In Haseeb We Trust – 2 points
5. Sol. – 2 points

There were 7 teams tied on 2 points, but only 2 slots left. As per our rules, priority was given to those teams who received points in the most weeks. As both Haseeb and Sol earned points in 2 weeks while the other teams only earned points in 1, they advanced to the playoffs.

Tied for 6th place on 2 points
iDentity Esports v2
SYF Gaming

Tied for 11th place on 1 point
Muffin Gangstas
Panda Logic

So, now we have our top 8 and our brackets sorted. This Sunday, make sure you tune in from 2pm AEST as TondersDOTA and Gardevoir101 will be covering all the action from the Oceanic Cup Playoffs!