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Silicon Sports | 23/09/2019

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Oceanic Cup #1 Playoffs Recap!

Oceanic Cup #1 Playoffs Recap!

Once again Daniel ‘nForce’ takes us through the grand final series for the Oceanic Cup!

We have made it, the final match up for the Oceanic Cup #1. After 3 weeks of qualifying, Hans Reborn will be facing off against Can’t say Wips. These two teams met in the week 2 finals where Hans Reborn took the series 2-0. Will Hans Reborn continue their recent winning form over Can’t say Wips? Or can Can’t say Wips turn the tides and take home the $200? Let’s find out.

Game 1

Radiant: Hans Reborn

Nature’s Profit
Nyx Assassin
Bounty Hunter

Dire: Can’t Say Wips

In what would be an interesting draft, Hans Reborn chose to not pick a standard hard carry leaving them vulnerable to the late game potential of Can’t say Wips draft. Hans Reborn chose a snowball line up where winning the early and mid-game would be crucial. If Can’t say Wips could survive this period, in the late game, they would have the distinct advantage over Hans Reborn.

Hans Reborn chose to safe lane their bounty hunter prioritising a fast level six and hopefully securing track gold for the team. Can’t say Wips chose to safe lane their Timbersaw and send alchemist mid. First blood went to the Nyx Assassin on bot lane picking off Weaver and a return kill was taken on top lane on the Nature’s Prophet. An early push from Can’t say Wips on top lane saw them secure the tier 1 tower but a track kill on weaver would be the trade-off.

Both Nature’s Prophet and Weaver have died multiple times and have been shut down in the off-lanes. Can’t say Wips have been pushing early and at the 10 minute mark they have secured all 3 tier 1 towers. The score is 5-3 in Can’t say Wips favour.

Can’t say Wips look to have the slight advantage however three quick track kills going towards Hans sees the game even up. After a slow start, Nature’s Profit picks up his Hand of Midas and begins to find some farm in the jungle. With level 6 on Nyx, Bounty Hunter and the global presence of Nature’s Prophet, Hans Reborn are able to find easy pick offs around the map. Track kills are really helping Hans fight back in this game. Can’t say Wips smoke into Roshan and take it un-contested, whilst Hans take both top and bot T1 tower.

At the 20 minute mark the score is 8-6 going Hans Reborn’s way. The top 4 on the net worth are Natures Prophet, Wind runner, Alchemist and Bounty Hunter.

Despite the solo farm on Timbersaw for Can’t say Wips, he hasn’t had much impact on the game. Weaver has been constantly picked off and can’t seem to get ahead. Hans Reborn have shut him down all game. The split push from all of Hans Reborn is running Can’t say Wips off their feet. They seem to be running around playing tower defence.

Track kills and successful pick offs from Hans Reborn have given them a considerable lead. The bonus gold has produced a 10,000 gold lead and a 7500 XP lead at 26 minutes. A hex now up on Nature’s Prophet help’s Hans Reborn take a 2-5 team fight and the mid tier 2 tower. The game is looking very difficult for Can’t say Wips. Alchemist doesn’t have the farm from being in the early safe lane, and weaver has been shut down.

Hans have used the ganking squad of Nyx, Bounty Hunter and Nature’s Prophet to run Can’t say Wips off the map. The snowball has well and truly happened and Hans is approaching on a 20,000 gold lead.

At 31 minutes, with all outer towers taken Can’t say Wips calls ‘gg’. The score is 20-9.

Game 2

Radiant: Can’t say Wips

Nature’s Profit
Nyx Assassin
Troll Warlord

Dire: Hans Reborn

Naga Siren

Bounty Hunter
Chaos Knight

Both teams opt to defensively tri-lane with the CK and Troll taking the priority farm. First blood goes to Troll on the bot lane, with Bounty hunter being picked off. In response Hans Reborn dive the tier 1 tower top and pick off Nature’s Prophet. Similarly to game 1, Can’t say Wips decide to push their safe lane very early. They manage to take the tier 1 and with the teleport Nature’s Prophet begin to pressure the tier 2. However they back off and look to pressure the defensive trilene of Hans Reborn.

An attempted kill on top lane sees it all go wrong for Cant say Wips, Hans Reborn take 3 for 1, with their fatality being sniped by the satyr neutral creep.

At 10 minutes the score is 8-4 in favour of Hans Reborn. With Bounty hunter’s track and Wisp’s Relocate up, Hans Reborn are looking to go on the offensive, Ganking around the map and abusing the bonus gold from track kills.

With all five of Can’t say Wips grouped up mid, they start to pressure down the mid tier 1 tower. A Naga Siren song catches out Can’t say Wips and things are looking bad for them. A timely song of the siren steal from Rubick turns the fight around and Can’t say Wips manages to secure 3 kills. This is just what they needed.

20 minutes in, the scores are 7-18 in Hans Reborn’s favour. The global presence of Wisp makes it very hard for Can’t say Wips to find a successful pick-off or farm alone. Bounty hunter is just roaming around scouting out heroes and providing vision for the Wisp, Chaos Knight relocate ganks. The track kills are making these ganks all the more valuable and putting Hans Reborn further ahead.

25 minute mark; Score, 7-23, 12k gold and 15k experience all in favour of Hans Reborn.

Hans Reborn continue to roam the map. Despite Nature’s Prophet now having a shadow blade, he cannot successfully split push because of the impending relocate that would come his way. Hans Reborn take an uncontested Roshan at 28 minutes.

An attempted gank by Can’t say Wips sees yet another Wisp Chaos Knight relocate counter initiation. The fight looks like going Hans Reborn’s way but Can’t say Wips have had enough. A timely pause sees Can’t say Wips call the gg at 32 mins. The score is 11-29. Hans Reborn win the finals 2-0 and go undefeated in the Oceanic Cup #1.

Congratulations to Hans Reborn who take out the Oceanic Cup #1

Sign ups for the first week of qualifiers for the Oceanic Cup #2 are now open!